Duhovnost nije odlazak, već povratak

Duhovnost više nije luksuz života, već apsolutni imperativ ljudskog zdravlja i opstanka. Duhovnost se može povezati sa svim ljudskim iskustvima, ali ona ima posebno blisku vezu sa ljudskom kreativnošću i svešću o svetu oko nas, sa odnosima – bilo sa samim sobom, sa drugimaili sa transcendentnom stvarnošću, imenovanom ili neimenovanom, ali često nazvanom univerzum, Bog, božansko ili duh. Duhovnost se takođe može povezati sa percepcijom radosti i patnje, poštovanjem i predavanjem nečemu što smatramo razumnim osloncem života. Continue reading “Duhovnost nije odlazak, već povratak”


Duhovni put je povratak u nevinost a ne u naivnost!

Svi ljudi tragaju za spokojem, za radošću i za nekim čvršćim osloncem koji žele da pronađu. Teško im je da odu kod psihijatra, ne zbog sreteotipa sramote, već zbog razloga što se ta struka pretvorila u puko prepisivanje lekova. Sa druge strane razgovor sa sveštenikom odavno je devalviran njihovom biznis prirodom i osudom svega što se suprotstavlja njihovoj materijalnoj pohoti. U njihovim redovima retko ko još veruje u Boga, nažalost.  Continue reading “Duhovni put je povratak u nevinost a ne u naivnost!”


Ništa nije pravedno, nego tačno

Među onima koji uče od mene ima toliko izuzetnih ljudi da i pored toga što oni mene zovu učiteljem ja sam počastvovan da budem izazvan i učim kroz njih. Jedna od tih izuzetnih ljudi svratila je do mene na nedeljnu dozu provetravanja misli.

Hajde da pričamo o strasti. – rekla je – Sanjala sam da sam bila izazvana lepotom prekrasnog bića koje me je iskoristilo u slatkom zanosu i nestalo. Ostala sam sama na nekom raskršću, uplakana i sama. Odjednom se odnekuda pojavio crni ratnik koji me je podigao sa prašnjavog tla i odveo kući.  Continue reading “Ništa nije pravedno, nego tačno”


How to Be Present Now?

I read somewhere that time is the greatest serial killer since we are completely occupied with its passage. In that obsession, we forget that the only thing that matters at the present moment is that. We forget that everything we have and what is worth living just and now is here. Our mind is responsible for the fact that our focus is always somewhere there, in the past or in the future, with concerns or desires.

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How to Find Your Personal Happiness?

I was at one concert, and I did not do as I expected. It was a concert of music I love, which I myself sing, but something else happened here.

On my travels through the shrouds of the world believed to have been looking for the world by miracle and enlightenment, but from a few places I brought peace and tranquility. For a long time, I needed to understand that I did not have to go somewhere to get what I wanted, but that the condition was living in the menu and that I only need to discover it and allow him to take me all the way, no matter where I am. That’s exactly the hardest part of the journey.

At the concert I was talking about, there was a person on the scene whose gender should not be discussed at all. Strange, is not it? At the same time, he has chin and shoes on the stylus, but he can do it because he is free from sex. You wonder what this means?

They say when we get rid of earthly lessons, our body becomes irrelevant, and with it and our sex, because we have overcome it. I just read about it, but I’ve never seen it. This guy, in fact, because of everything I said I would call him a deer in one of his poems, spread the joy of the scene on which he was, and this is evidence that he is just such, released. Being happy means being free.

The concert was unusual. Rarely when one can see in a place so many people who are gathered around one, and that is love, caused by the happiness of a person’s smile. Although his occurrence is not everyday in these frail areas, both the old and the young have shone with the same energy that the deer spread, and that was love. They were love. Being happy means giving love.

There were exceptions, though in a huge minority. A younger couple was sitting close to me. He played the games on the phone all the time during the concert, spilled anger on his date and occasional screamed commenting on Jelence`s  look. For a moment, I wondered how much an idiot someone must be to behave so much and abused himself. This man is a tormented soul who, because of his misery and darkness, opposes himself to someone and does not notice how much love and light this person illuminates with him. That unfortunate man was blinded by his limitations that he was telling him: do not look, you might like it, and if you like something that “abnormally” falls you from the head of the crown of masculinity and your normality that you barely perceived. The man was captured in his darkness staring at his phone, far from the liberation that was celebrated on the scene.

Ancient teachings say that the liberation is the goal of everyday life and incarnation, the damage to his soul that is so far from it. Fortunately my thoughts flew very quickly to freedom led by beautiful energy from the scene.

Who then is normal, this “abnormal” or this with a socially accepted mask “I’m normal”?

Very close to me, two girls were dancing in so much enthusiasm that they did not cover their attachment to each other, but how to resent them when it is pure love and nothing matters in it. The liberation that spread from the scene has ruined all barriers and limitations. One of the boys and grandmothers, they played like children. There was a lot of happy world that night in one place.

I remember the picture I saw in a temple in India, Shiva and Shakti as one person, united in peace and tranquility. They say that when we reach this unification of the male and female aspects of ourselves, we will be free from serving in this dark energy of re-birth in suffering, which they say is the earthly life and be in full harmony and beauty with the Source.

The younger ones had no life at all, through the pain of their lives they passed in childhood so that in their youth, through the song, they found their smile in which love was seen. And right here at the corner I saw the united Shiva and Shakti dance in their tantric dance on the stage.

They say when we can shake the shame of ourselves, discomfort and frustration towards our own imperfection and life, and we dance inward with our whole being without shame, so that we can get rid of the sting of karma.

Jelenče demonstrated the perfect dance unconnected with his own limitations, even the man who played the games on the phone on several occasions started to kick his leg. Everyone present wished to dream that they had never done so far and that’s what they did. Jelenče was playing as an ecstatic as the most sensual girl in the dress, but also as a real cheerful young man in a men’s suit. Hechanged clothes, but did not let his smile and glow in his eyes.

Although I sing traditional Balkan music, I have to say that somebody who does this works maestrally, just because it works from a heart led by love. His specific color of the voice is also freed from sex, from age and youth, from technique and genre, it is its own and freely.

They say that the one who sat on the right side of God and was closest to him, had one virtue of all the councils, which was singing. They say that when he sang, those who listened to him forgot about problems and became love, beauty and compassion. I felt it at this concert. I was a love.

The Jelence’s body is completely embellished with various symbols, all cultures and religions, but again it is liberated from all religions and cultures. We do not pray to God, but we celebrate it, because God is not there somewhere, but already here, and it does not look like this or anyway, and certainly not because He is love.

Tesla once said when asked if he believed in God: I do not believe in God who is described by all known religions, but I know that he exists. I saw it and I experienced it. If I have to describe it physically, it is light, and if I want to describe it the way I felt it, it is love, beauty and compassion.

I saw the light in the eyes of all those who were in the concert and felt these three states, and brought them with me.


What Is Happiness?

Happiness is the subject of obsessions of all people from time to time. Often elusive and inexplicable, the thought of happiness is present in everyday life, each of us would like to admit it or not.

Happiness is when something is nice and good -the woman who came to me told me complaining about the lack of happiness.

What does it mean? And what’s good? What did you compare with and on what basis did you declare that another ugly or bad?

You’re confusing me with your questions – said the woman.

Happiness is a phenomenon that largely determines the quality of our lives and for which each one of us strives and shapes his life in search of her. And do we actually know at all what she is?

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How to Handle My Own Life?

One of the most frequently asked questions in my practice is: How can I find myself in my own life?

We live in two worlds, good and bad. Once we admit and to the other whom we renounce. We have adopted models of what is good and what is bad, and this is usually far from personal experience and understanding. Unfortunately, most of them are aware only of one, usually of the other, and are able to conclude only partially because the worlds are not connected to them.

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You Can Feel Better

I sat down in a company and listened to my acquaintances talking about their problems so much by enjoying their own bad feelings as if they were eating some favorite meal. They were so occupied with the negative side of their everyday life, and so much was the thick mass of their energy that I could not do anything to tell them. It was the thought of self-bribery that made me feel obliged to change their views on life. When I got out of my mind, I realized that they would not even be able to hear me because they were out of reach of anything that was different from what they occupied. It seemed as if they were indulgent in all this because it was not so why would they pour on their wounds.

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How to Change Other People`s Behaviour?

While visiting my friend, I attended an unpleasant but very frequent situation. While my friend was washing dishes in the sink, her husband was walking behind her like a cat in a cage and visibly irritating my friend.

Have you seen my keys? – there was a question that triggered the avalanche of rude words on her side and the quarrel.

As her  husbands abruptly left the room, my friend remained visibly irritated at her sink. Soon, the story of the keys turned into full-blown drama.

I waited for her to calm down and her husband be far enough away and told her the story I learned in Mexico in an amusement park as I watched dolphin trainers.

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Is every step correct?

That is the question that we all set ourselves and, most of all, those who deal with other fates and lives.

I went to a well deserved vacation, all happy to have more time for myself. And then, like a thunderbolt from the sky, a couple of text messages threatened that my dream of rest breaks down and turns into hell. I got a threat that a certain person would report me to the police and wait for me personally in the dark, because of my work!

Namely, one woman who was in the conversation with me after a while received some psychological distress. Then, like a year before, I was very pleased, but when all of this happened we were not in contact. All of her alarms started on her neighbors. They met something that was unknown to them. In our nation, as soon as the picture of the expected psychological condition is impaired, there is collapse and the maximum difficulty in the situation of a person with a problem due to attempts to “return to normal” in home work by the closest ones. In this case, a severe condemnation of the concerned lady by her family occurred, which certainly affected the deterioration of her condition.

Since I had not been in contact before with that particular lady, who was not even answering me now, I insisted with her neighbors who threatened me to seek the help of a doctor in the appropriate institution as soon as possible.

Reiki can not cause any physical and mental illness. Reiki is a method of improving health through positive thoughts, changing life habits and living in positive energy. In the event of any health problems, I insist that a doctor’s advice be sought!

As far as I understood, it was a psychosis that manifested itself unexpectedly terribly for them as medical laymen. On the expert side, this was not a difficult and unsolved case, provided they sought help at the appropriate medical facility.

I was a sacrificial goat who should have been crucified, although on all of my Internet profiles it is clear that what I deal with is not a method of treatment, that it is not a substitute for classical medicine, and that all health problems should be addressed to a doctor. But I understood and I did not blame them for it, the help was in the first place.

Any attempt to justify this kind of situation can only be the refueling of oil so I did not even try. There was no place for defense here, just for trying to help. As far as possible, through the person who was only available for contact, I gave advice that was in my power. I was thinking about my lesson and he realized it.

They were fortunate enough to seek medical help.

At the beginning of my journey, I realized that he would be thorny and not so pleasant, but also that he was my mission and the reason I am here. There will also be many temptations and obstacles. Of the hundreds of people I’ve talked with and shared their beliefs with to help them, this is really a frustrating case of turning people into the near-hearted people who were close to the person I communicated with. These people were not guilty, they were afraid of the primal reactions of attacks that were actually self-defense from ignorance and cry for help. There are far more people who understand the power of genuine family support and the importance of joint participation in the problem-solving process. Luckily, my family mostly comes with families willing to understand the situation and help with their support.

What I often say to my students is that everyone in the life occupies the place that belongs to him and for which he has to fight and that is actually the place he deserves. There is no coincidence, and every situation in life is only an opportunity for new insights and advancement, not for paralysis and regression.

There must be no compassion in our work because it is humiliating. We must keep in mind that sincere goodness is helpless and love is sometimes blind. Only sincere compassion and sober presence in the problem can provide healthy access, advice and help.

Our clients have a choice whether to be good or bad in life because everything depends on the moment, on the environment, from what happened one day earlier. We can not dissuade them. While our choice must always be on the side of understanding and goodness. That’s why it’s easy to help them, because even the worst villains are easy to point to good work. Going to the dusk of life gives them strength and they float between their own darkness and light. That is why we must always be in the light so that they can be comforted and hoped for a better awakening.

For a long time I was struggling with the question of where the boundary is, and what is the difference between me and a deceiver who calls himself a healer, whose title has now been hung around my neck. That question will always exist, even now that I am a doctor of medical science. Now this question is spoken out loud and in the future it will probably exist in thoughts. It’s called responsibility. It never passes because there is responsibility for everyone we are trying to help. The people who made me to question myself do not ask these questions.

Often I say to students: if you wanted to get away from this troubling question then you picked the wrong side. And this responsibility gives the answer to this question – in the dark there are those who deal exclusively with their own interests and they are not questioned, and in the light are those who are trying to contribute to the collective good and they constantly check themselves.

In the light we will never get rid of the question of whether each step is correct, but what I know is that we should never stop walking that way.

I chose my side and what I wanted, and temptations and attempts to attack will always exist. These attacks are just a cry for the help of lost souls and I will always help them. This is the price of this choice and I do not reckon because of that, I am already encouraged in my intention to help people.

Before I wrote this text, a message from a sister of a woman who had psychic problems had arrived to tell me that she knew that Reiki was not the reason for her sisters, because she also helped her personally. The reason for this was the family legacy debate. She hoped that this would be understood by the sister of the spouse who sent threats. I wish them every good …


How can I be better off?

Many people go to the doctor asking for medical help for a problem or illness. Everyone who sells help says that it is very complicated and that, without their help, we will not be able to help ourselves.

When the body hurts and when we go to a doctor, he gives us a cure, usually not asking us how we are actually and what really matters to us. Everything is in some rules, the norms that have to be filled and are more important than the very man. And so we get pills for any pain, learning that the disease came from somewhere and endangers our lives. But is that right? We can not really blame all the doctors. And they are confused on the same path as we did. We do not seek the culprits anywhere and in anybody, everything is in ourselves. Accepting “hello for the end” does not justify us. Leaving the routine and the footprint of the wrong life is our merit.

Therefore, take life into your own hands, there are ways.

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Where we sin and where is the essence

People often try to reach higher levels of awareness and reach more frequencies. Some say that they are more intense during eclipses and certain monthly cycles. However, these energy vibrations, and without our engagement, continually enter into us to help us raise awareness, affect every area of our lives. Often people go to holy places so that they can easily catch up with the divine particle.

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How Do We Get Sick and Old?

In my last text, I explained how the mind creates our body. Information from the brain to the cells is transmitted by neuropeptides. They are not thoughts, but they are moved by thoughts and transmit their information.

Neuropeptides are primarily produced in the brain, although almost every tissue in the body produces and exchanges neuropeptides. Scientists have discovered over two hundred different neuropeptides.

The cell is a protein producing machine that receives a signal from the brain. This signal transmits a neuropeptide. One of the things about cell receptors is that they change their sensitivity. If a particular receptor on a cell is bombarded for a long time with great severity, it will literally be reduced. They will decrease in number or will bind to desensitize or deregulate. If we bombard the cell in the same way over and over again every day when the time comes for this cell to divide, to produce a sister cell or daughter cell, that cell will have multiple receptor sites for neuropeptides and fewer receptor sites for vitamins, minerals, other nutrients ingredients, for the exchange of liquids or even for the release of harmful products or toxins.

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Our Thoughts Make Our Body

For a long period of time, both through therapeutic work and writing, I have been trying to explain that our body is only a polygon of our mind and that we cannot find the causes of our problems in the body. Certain people sometimes comment that I do not accept the body and some evident parts like cells and processes that take place in it. It’s not true, the truth is much more complicated!
I believe that our mind creates our body. But before going to the next step, I have to explain something.

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Energy Vampires

When we say the phrase “energy vampire”, the first thought is – sharp teeth, dark space as in some horror movie etc. To make this thing more serious, such people do exist. The only difference is they do not drink blood, but energy. These are the people who are exhausting us and we feel uncomfortable in their company. They can be the cause of many of our problems and I will try to bring you some facts.

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