How Do We Get Sick and Old?

In my last text, I explained how the mind creates our body. Information from the brain to the cells is transmitted by neuropeptides. They are not thoughts, but they are moved by thoughts and transmit their information.

Neuropeptides are primarily produced in the brain, although almost every tissue in the body produces and exchanges neuropeptides. Scientists have discovered over two hundred different neuropeptides.

The cell is a protein producing machine that receives a signal from the brain. This signal transmits a neuropeptide. One of the things about cell receptors is that they change their sensitivity. If a particular receptor on a cell is bombarded for a long time with great severity, it will literally be reduced. They will decrease in number or will bind to desensitize or deregulate. If we bombard the cell in the same way over and over again every day when the time comes for this cell to divide, to produce a sister cell or daughter cell, that cell will have multiple receptor sites for neuropeptides and fewer receptor sites for vitamins, minerals, other nutrients ingredients, for the exchange of liquids or even for the release of harmful products or toxins.

Do you now understand why you are getting sick and why are you getting older?

All of this made me seek answers somewhere deeper, not at the physical and mental level, but at the energy level. For example, strong stress, resistance to the future, disagreement with something and regret for the past, supported by emotions, precipitate in subconsciousness and provoke serious illnesses, because structural deflection of the energy field is created. In the case of energy correction with some healing technique, these structures can be corrected, but the cause of the disease itself is not nearly eliminated and at any moment the disease can occur somewhere else.

Illness is one of the mechanisms of the development of the spirit. Information about this has been known to us for a long time and we have only forgotten for a while and it was exposed many centuries ago in the holy books, which are now very often completely misinterpreted so that we have almost lost them.

Many ancient techniques speak about it for centuries and science has proved it. In order for the smallest cell of our body to grow, develop and divide, duplicate if you want, it must obtain information from the brain. This information is transmitted by neuropeptide molecules. The state of our mind at that moment, that is, our emotional charge is crucial, because our thoughts that create these emotions dictate the quality of this process.

For example, in order for your digestion system to be healthy, the cells of the digestion system are responsible for the fact whose production is instructed by the information that should come from the brain. This information is transmitted by neuropeptides. If you are in your life occupied by unresolved problems, uninvolved emotional charges, and other deviations of your acceptance of the world around you, not to say the welding of everything that is happening around you, you will change the nature of the information of the welding transmission by neuropeptides. In this way, your cells will receive the deformed information necessary for the functional life and development of the cells of your digestive system. Bombarding these cells with deformed information causes the degeneration of their function. This causes non-functionality or illness, to be precise.

It’s the same with aging. When you surrender or you do not have a desire for life then your thoughts are aligned with the absence of a desire for life or simply the meaning of life in your life and so the cells get information of decay.

Interesting is the case of one of my friends who made her choice not to want to change and live a life according to her age. She had already made a life cut, she withdrew from all friends in a lonely life with her mother pensioner. After a year when I met her, I was amazed with her appearance. She looked like an old woman, although she was in her best age. The decision instructs the transmission of information from the brain to the cells and, accordingly, the body responds – it decays or flashes in health.

It depends on you how you look. My face does not see my age, but the inner state of peace, joy and satisfaction and I am responsible for it. That’s my choice!

This is the connection between the mind and the body in which any change in the mental-emotional state causes a change in physical physiology. Which means that you have to look at your illness as a map that describes what is happening in your life and how your mind works, which in its disagreement sent out the changed information to that part of your body that was ill. What further complicates the situation is that any change in physical physiology causes a change in the mental-emotional state. So this vicious circle works multiplied.

The main thing is to understand your mistakes, conceive them and, through self-regulation, make harmony with the universe, with divine, depends on who calls the energy field around us.

So the disease did not come anywhere, it was created by your mind. It was created as a reaction to the misinformation of your mind on the circumstances that are happening in your life. Take the disease, try to see a wider picture and how this changed function of your body can be viewed as a wider picture of your state of affairs. Then, first stop the wrong course of your thoughts by instructing neuropeptides to send the wrong information to a certain part of the body. Stop thinking that they create the wrong emotions. Start changing your habits and views of the world and you will see how it will change for the better and your life and the disease will disappear like an uninvited guest.

So we come to the question: do you still believe that what you eat is the only important thing? And does the diet really have a decisive influence if the cell receives deformed information after a long period of emotional abuse and is powerless to miss the nutrients that are necessary for its health? I’m not talking about extremes because every extremity is pathology of the same, the balance is implied. I mean the essence!

Is it food or information you send yourself through your thoughts?