Disease Is the Mechanisms of the Soul Development

The method of examining the causes and the treatment of the disease itself, which I deal with, is not my invention. I am, like many others, its practitioner. I am just trying to figure out the laws of the universe that have been disturbed and thus caused the disease. I do not heal, I just state make you think, and in this way, also make you heal yourself. My role is to bring you to the source. I am only transmitting my experiences to those who ask for my help.
In the universe everything is logical, easy and easily accessible. We are those who are complicated and inaccessible, first of all to ourselves and then to everyone else.

In addition to my medical education, the ancient inheritance of many holistic healing methods and also recent works give me huge support in my research. The example of the latter is work of Russian scientist S. N. Lazarev. With his graphic visibility, as he named it, he answers many questions in a very specific way. I am not on the fingerpoint to him, but I am making my own way in order to self-understand what I own. The compassion that I have for everyone who is lost in themselves and in their illness does not mean that I am a missionary for the purpose of human enlightenment, but only, how often I like to say: I will try to buy you food in the market, to prepare them and even to chew them for you, but you still have to swallow them. I can not do it for you. Everyone chooses their own way and has their lesson to overcome and burden to bear. My only one is to show them how I see it.
Disease is one of the mechanisms of the development of the soul. Information about this has been known to us for a long time – we only forgot about them for some time. The main thing is to understand our own mistakes. The best way is to understand them by returning to the source and re-establishing harmony with the universe, with something what we call divine.
A human being is a very complex energy system, which is only a few percent composed of material and conscious and 95-98% of the energy layers of the subconscious, so we are as unknown to ourselves as we are unknown to the universe. Understanding the world that surrounds us and strives for the highest levels of self-discipline must be the foundation of changing our spirit, our soul to survive. We also have to understand that the human organism is a unique system in which health, destiny, character and psyche are inseparable.
Harsh stress, intolerance, anger, regret for the past are all the emotions that emerge in our subconscious and cause serious illness, because they make structural strains in our energy field. If there is energy correction, we can achieve their correction, but not so fast and not every single time. Energy itself is not the only thing necessary to get the cause of the disease removed. If we rely only on this at any moment, the disease can occur elsewhere. It takes a deeper action. In addition, one needs, with your permission, to work on you emergetically or you can do it yourself, in order to deepen into the search or into yourself and eliminate the causes. That part is the essence of my work.
When you think that something very bad can happen, you are attracted to such energy by the same kind of thinking and the more real you imagine the unfortunate events, then cause more damage.
Discipline of consciousness, especially when a high level of energy is reached, is very important.
People often ask me why not return the same measure to someone who hurt them, why refrain from being evil, why forgive and I answer them:
One of the fundamental laws of the universe is not the doing of evil even in thoughts.
This can not only be an abstract principle, it must be the principle of life. Respecting moral principles is a necessary condition and the only way to survive and at the same time it serves as the best possible protection. We look around searching for danger and the main danger is in ourselves. The root of this danger is in the misunderstanding of the world, the disregard of what is happening, in the wrong behavior that invariably leads us to disintegration from within. It is a spiritual dispersal that rarely connects an accident. The disasters we are constantly fighting with are our spiritual imperfections. Efforts directed at fighting with the shadow, with the consequence can not remove the main cause if we do not understand this principle.
For this reason, we do not need to return the same measure to someone who hurt us, for this reason  we need to refrain from doing bad!
Start from yourself because it is the most logical and easiest way to do.