Healthy Food

We have witnessed numerous theories about diet, proper nutrition systems and healthy food concepts. Everyone is talking about what to eat and what not but where is the truth?

Is there a proper diet and is there a universal recipe? I think that as with everything individuality comes first, everyone should listen to their own body and energy.

Everyone talks about healthy food, so isn’t all food healthy?

We certainly do not eat toxic foods!

There is one thing we can agree on, that is, healthy food is any food that feeds a person, and unhealthy one that makes us sick. What feeds people in different parts of the world is something that can be widely discussed. I just got back from Cambodia, there are treats of worms and cockroaches. I do not believe that any of you would say that you would feed on that. There are also rats as delicacies in Africa, as well as snakes and some strange plants that I have seen people eat around Asia.

So again we go back to individuality, to the fact that everybody has needs, the secret is just how to recognize them. I mean simple, work on your spirit and then he will lead the body.

Now it is fashionable to be part of a group that propagates various nutrition calorie tables about the rule of combining food or advocating theories about not eating certain foods or insisting on consuming others, all under the slogan health depends on healthy food.

My opinion is that the unhealthy hysteria in which people live is burdened with what is healthy to eat and what is not, what is relevant, what is modern to eat… from the indulgence that our spirits lead the body like millions of years ago.

Here I am addressing common sense people who understand that what I have said does not mean that if they are working on the spiritual they can afford to eat “fast” food of dubious quality, and that if you are pagan in your thoughts and actions you cannot correct it by eating organic food!

The key is in the balance of mind and body. When your mind works are right, pure thoughts and healthy emotions – balance and moderation in food can be extra beneficial to your health, in keeping with your mind. In that case, you can afford to listen to your own body and its needs at some point.

Other details should be noted. If you prepare food with love as something that heals you, it can really be healing. It is not enough, just because it is a trend, to treat food only as a healthy routine where someone else prepares you “healthy” food while you are trapped in the ego material games, far from your spirituality. Consuming food by arguing, thinking about ugly things, staring at a cell phone or some horrible content on television is not the same as eating a healthy meal in peace and tranquility filled with love and beautiful thoughts.

One lady came into my office on the recommendation of her daughter. From the door, she justified herself that she was missing out on nothing, that she was well, and that she was leading her life completely by rules similar to what I preach. Very quickly I saw a completely different side of the story.

Gently leading a seemingly casual conversation, I got the lady to relax and talk about her life. Her story was more than crazy and under the slogan of a healthy life. Here are just some of the details I can remember.

The lady heard that olive oil was healthy so she drank it in litres in all possible forms, especially of the cheapest kind because of the price.. Too much “good” fat is bad and non-moderation is a sin in the Bible. She read somewhere that cow’s milk was unhealthy, so she bought almond milk that was full of white sugar. She did not know that detail because the education website did not provide this important item. She was buying industrial blueberries again at sale, so she missed information that blueberries with white inside are not medicinal like wild ones that have a purple content. She was chasing after exotic fruit in the grocery store because she saw on a blog that domestic one was not good enough. She also drank fresh quail eggs, cabbage brine, vinegar made from special apples, honey from the Altai, which was specially made for her etc. Her entire day consisted of what to eat healthy, in what form and combination. Each meal consisted of a million “healthy” foods. There were countless meals, rituals and rules. The scariest thing of all was her obsession with food and nourishment, without adequate information that didn’t really interest her.

As I dug deeper into her life, I realized that the lady first and foremost had a pathological fear of death because of years she had been living alone in a very pathogenic marriage.

She led her life so that her thoughts, emotions, and actions in her married life were very bad, not to say poisonous, so subconsciously, I guess, she wanted to replace it with medicine. We usually fill the lack of one thing with the first thing that is available to us, whether it is pathological or not.

She compensated for her not engaging in married life with an obsession with caring for her own health. She was so delusional that her day was programmed into a minute when she would do something about her own health.

When I told her this truth, she looked at me with the look of a child who did homework in completely wrong way and then told me how she had to go to get some healthy food sales, and it was also time for her obligatory marathon walk.

She didn’t understand anything or was simply afraid of the truth. People sometimes consciously opt for some direction no matter of their surroundings and circumstances telling them the opposite. It is a problem of stubbornness of the ego, which dislikes change and surely leads to ruin in that way.

I have listed here one drastic case of an obsessive woman, just to illustrate to you the essence that I have outlined at the outset. What matters most is the harmony of mind and body, healthy thoughts, emotions, actions, and only afterwards food we eat as the crown of that healthy concern for something we know to be medicine. The key is in moderation and common sense!

We should first pay attention to our thoughts, emotions and actions, and only then what kind of food we eat!

In the first place, we need to pay attention to how we live our lives in terms of love and compassion, and then, as a true companion, care for food comes as a cure. One goes without the other!