What Is A Prayer?

I looked at a friend who was waiting for a very important phone call with the folded hands.

Do you sometimes say a prayer? – I asked her.

Yes, I only know Our Father – she replied briefly.

Regardless we are religious or not, a person speaks to the higher powers of the Priscilla. Every prayer, whatever religion is, even the one we invented ourselves, guided by the sway of the soul, is essentially the same. It rests on universal principles and laws that govern in nature and the universe, as our life itself rests on them.

In the depths of the human soul is a mechanism that many have forgotten to use. Its function is to connect our soul with the Source, and its wealth is in everything that comes from that connection. When in peace and bliss, with a heart full of love, we open our soul to God or toward the universal power we recognize as Source, and direct our thoughts and emotions towards something that is more than ourselves, then a miraculous transformation takes place.

There is one true story about the three men who were lost in Greenland. After a while, they stopped believing that they would get help. They started to pray, because nothing else was left to them. They knew only one prayer. Our Father was said countless times, as if salvation was dependent on this continuous stream. They repeated it, as children, like they recited the learned song, without any understanding. When they finally found them, it was not clear to anyone how they managed to survive eleven days in the cold, without food and water. Their bodies did not suffer any visible consequences.

How is that possible? – she asked.

One Christian mystic said: Prayer is a unique code embedded in us, this perfect form of communication, allows us to rise to a higher level of existence, to achieve our desires, heal our wounds and bring light to our world.

In times of crisis or trouble, or for the fulfillment of their desires and intentions, people have always resorted to a specific, inner form of communication with something more than themselves, with God, the Source, or whatever you call the unknowingly and endlessly of which we were created .

During prayer we endeavor to maintain what is already in us. We do not pray to make divine love and wisdom, but that the manifest ones remain within us. The most important is the exclusion of raids and any analyzes of situations from which there is a real difficulty in saving. The three from the beginning of the story prayed without understanding, or did not analyze what they said. This physical work occupied their mind and did not let them have negative thoughts. Our connection with a huge energy system, of which we are a small part, really exists.

What do Our Father words mean at all? I honestly do not know, and I believe that I am not the only one.

For me, Father is our more than prayer, it represents my connection with the divine spark in me so that I can connect with it with the infinitely great Source – I answered.

Speaking of Our Father, we affirm that we are only one spark made of Divine Wisdom. We affirm that we are part of the divine, and so we remember that our soul will be in peace and rest only if it moves with the spiritual vertical to the Source.

Who art in heaven you are pointing to the deepest, to the most hidden in the human being, which belongs to the spiritual kingdom.

Hallowed be thy name, so we allow everything in this transient life to be filled with divine light, love and wisdom.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, which means that it is as high up and down, as in us so will it be outside of us. We open ourselves to the pure divine wisdom and love in order to frighten the spark in our soul, in order to radiate ourselves with goodness, understanding and compassion.

Give us this day our daily bread. Our, not mine reminds us that the physical body is transient, that we are mortal, that we do not need to be selfish, but compassionate, and that we love all the people around us, as we pray for our own and for their bread. Why daily? For we need to live in the present moment without concern, anger and hatred, without the past and the future.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. If our life principle is to first create what we want from others – love and compassion, then we will receive all the benefits that are given to us, and the most peace and tranquility, because what we give and receive.

So don`t you teach other people to say positive affirmative sentences, and you do it yourself? – she asked me in the end.

I put every positive affirmation into a shape, like a prayer. For example: With divine love, I am calm and quiet with all my thoughts and actions, both with myself and with everything around me.

Live with positive affirmations with a pious prayer, without thinking, but with more love.