Everything Is There Within Us

A distraught mind and the inability to gather, monitor and control thoughts is often a big problem, which is just the beginning of the avalanche of other problems and disorders.

By adjusting the frequency of life energy, we connect with the source and in this way we develop a natural gift to be happy. And in order to be happy, we must be aware of ourselves and our environment. In this way, we manage our thoughts and emotions, the power that is hidden in our mind has the power to destroy us and make us happy. It can get us sick, as well as cure us of all diseases.

And how much are we actually self-aware?

Often, in my lectures, I tell people to try to transfer their consciousness to the middle finger of the left foot, without interference. When I kindly ask people to raise their hands if they managed to do it, hardly a person does so. It’s hard, isn`t it?

How to be aware of any inner emotional state, which is intangible, if we are unable to regain one toe. And in fact, everything is so easy and accessible to everyone, it just takes a bit of time and more thoughts about yourself. So, for starters, we need to see ourselves. Karl Jung said: “Whoever searches from the outside, dreams; who searches in, wakes up”. Our inner life is what only touches us. However, we know a little and understand how it works and how it works on our will.

There is an old Japanese story that speaks of a warlike samurai who once urged the wise man to explain to him the idea of hell and paradise. The wise man replied abusively:

You’re nothing more than ordinary stupid, I can not waste time with people like you.

As his pride was hurt, the samurai burst out, pulled out the sword, crying out:

– I could kill you for your insolence.

It’s hell,” said the sage calmly.

Surprised by the truth that the sage revealed to him about the wrath that he had captured, the samurai calmed down, returned the sword to the sides, and bowed to the wise in his teaching.

And that’s paradise,” the sage said.

Even some biggest secrets are often hidden in ourselves.

Awareness of emotions is the basic emotional ability, on which all others are based, such as emotional self-control.

To keep it short, being self-aware means being aware of your own mood, and then the thoughts that accompany that mood.

You are probably wondering how to become more self-aware and to find the cause of your own thoughts. Observing and listening to our own life energy, we are on our best path to self-awareness, getting to know ourselves as well as to others, conscious lives and, ultimately, the happiness. It’s a way to get the best out. Thus we increase our abilities and we are conscious of those aspects of life that are not yet integrated. I like to say that such work is a quiet way where changes and growth can occur in the state of bubbling presence. This is a way to find the best way to happiness, to the source.

By analyzing ourselves, following our own life energy, we calm down and shape our mind, enabling ourselves to observe superficial consciousness and let us touch the deepest in us. A distraught mind and the inability to gather, monitor and control thoughts is often a big problem, which is just the beginning of the avalanche of other problems and disorders.

The feeling of deep peace and clarity allows us to unambiguously see what the body tells us. This is due to the closeness between energy and mind. By reaching this level, we can bring ourselves to every kind of healing of both emotional and physical.

That is why we need to first turn to ourselves, to deal with ourselves, not to others, to listen to our body and emotions, and not our thoughts and ego.