The First Step Is The Hardest One

Everything I write and work makes people to react differently. I have long since stopped focusing on the negative emotions of people who express their inner dissatisfaction in this way. These ugly words, which are thankfully not so common, have not been addressed to me. In this way, these people describe their inner being – cry for their own inability to face themselves. Everyone who reminds them of the essence of their problem is disturbing on this path.

I continue to work. I hope that at least one day I will reach them and run them to the awakening. Each and every of my texts is a gift from the heart to those who want help. It’s you who can be found in my knowledge, experience and work.

I have to thank you for having a lot more nice messages that come to me. These are the words of those who already awake and who find help in my work and writing. By listening to you, I grow as well! We help and fight mutually! I learn a lot from all of you who come to me or write to me. A man who stops learning, loses his battle with his ego and stops living.

There are also those who have stuck in their lives. They would want them to be better, but they do not see far ahead of themselves, so they do not know how to do it. Maybe they are tired of their own mistakes that they have not noticed on the way.

Here’s one of many messages:

Mr. Zarko, I have reached 65 years, I lost everything, apartment and money. Not from stupidity, but only from the desire to work. I bothered myself with the condition to take a depressant drug, when I simply and sincerely want to disappear. What next?

Our actions create the consequences of our lessons, and some punishments and higher forces that have come upon us. In any case, we should not complain about these mistakes. Our task is to understand, learn, and do not repeat them. So, we are the ones responsible for everything that happens to us, no matter how painfully and cruel it sounds.

This does not mean that we are bad, but just need to stop for a second and think about it. We should decide not to give up on ourselves at any cost, not to be lazy, to make an effort and to make the path of improvement.

A young girl came to my office. Since she was six, he has been an insulin diabetic. From the conversation with her I saw that the girl was a good soul, but that the problem still existed. I knew that the problem itself caused it. After diagnostic treatment, it was clear to me how. Namely, she was born in a small environment, and with strong personal potentials. From the earliest age she could not accept the environment and the people around her. Her subconscious mind watched everything “from the height”. Because of her qualities she has always been different, but she could not let herself become the cause of the disgrace of everyone and everything around her. Unwilling to accept her karma, she made the walls around her and tried to make her untouchable. She closed herself into an even smaller area from which she constantly frowned and hurt others. Due to the walls, she could not receive energy, but she was losing her temper. It’s not a fate, it’s her deeds.

Nobody else will tell us why something is happening to us. Stop searching for miraculous methods, products and saints that will help you with some miracle. All you need and everything you can do is help yourself. Someone else can give us only directions where to go, to cheer us and show us the way like I do through numerous blogs texts and books. But every person must walk on their feet.

Now, some of you ask: How can I help myself? If you have not understood so far, through all the previous texts, then obviously you did not get enough head in the wall. Whatever I or anyone else says to you, your question will be the same.

I have had several cases where people come to me, refuse to say anything about themselves (that I respect), and then after a diagnostic treatment they say the following:

You described me so well as if you lived with me all your life, but I know it all so I do not consider it as help.

If someone who does not know says: who you are, where you are in your own life, where you are wrong and what kind of problems you have, tells you what to do and how to get better, and you say – “I know it all” – how do you expect any help for you at all? For you there is no magic pill , you really did not have enough bad experience.

These include those who always say: I read about it, I know that, but it does not work for me. You know that their persistence was measured in seconds.

You have to realize that none of us have anything else to do but to find strength in ourselves and continue. If you do not take the first step, no one can do it for you. Every step after that first one will be easier and will be rewarded. The first step is the hardest because it is burdened by the bad energy of all that you have stated.

You have to realize that I or anyone else can go for you in the market and buy groceries. We can also prepare a meal, we can even chew it for you, but you have to swallow it. Otherwise, you will still be hungry and yelling how badly it is for you!

Everything is in your hands! You just have to decide that it is not enough. Make the first step – everything else will come by itself!