Attract Abundance by Gratitude

I met a neighbour in the lift the other day; all dressed up, heading for a job interview.

  • I’ll stop by the church to light a candle, and say a little prayer to get the job.
  • Once you get it, will you light another one to thank for the job?

He didn’t answer, probably thinking how silly his neighbour was. Perhaps he had never given this a serious thought. I still hope he’s done it… There’s something really magical in that second candle.

Gratitude attracts abundance.

If we are grateful, and only if we are truly grateful, the universe will send us more of what we are grateful for. Why would the universe work for us? It’s only natural, in fact. We might have forgotten about it, but happiness is our natural state. Abundance is our natural state. It’s not selfishness or greed, it has nothing to do with whether we have earned it, or if we can pay for it somehow. That’s who we are!

Abundance will elude only those who constantly think they don’t have enough.

However natural abundance should come to everyone, we are given a free will, and the tools to change the world. Your thoughts are the tools. If you constantly think about what you don’t have, the universe reacts to your thoughts, creating an ever deeper absence. There’s not a person in this world who doesn’t have anything, but many do not know how to be grateful for what they have. There’s a trick we don’t know, which is why we let our thoughts drive us to misery so easily. Clear the blockades and transform ignorance into wisdom, fear into love, and suffering into abundance.

You should learn how to accept abundance first.

A stomach in spasm cannot accept food, even if completely empty. What else is greed, envy and a fear of poverty if not a spasm? These are the feelings blocking us. That’s why teachers sometimes give away something of their own, for a student to relax. It’s a futile attempt, however, if they don’t change, and cure themselves with gratitude! One of the two things will happen: either they’ll come to depend on the teacher, or feel even more desperate as yet another attempt has failed. You heal yourself alone – find something good within, something beautiful about you, around you, in other people close to you, and be grateful.

Abundance is universal!

A viable technique is easy to practice daily, because the experience is telling you it works. You’ll see, the universe will give you what you’re grateful for. If you are truly grateful for whatever little money you have, you’ll get more, because you can receive more. Little love may be fulfilling you, but if you are grateful, your potential for love expands, and more love comes to your life. The incredible thing is that if by gratitude you attract just love, or just a job, or just money, the type of abundance you have created will draw in other types of abundance, too. You’ll do it yourself! Why? How? Again, by being grateful, because we all deserve to be happy and healthy, loved and fulfilled; we deserve a smile on our faces.

Have you ever been sent to an emergency room? A mere five minutes there would make you realise how much you actually have, however tormenting your problems may be. The problem is that such gratitude is so ephemeral. Of seven billion people on this planet, you belong to the billion enjoying their own bed, enough water to drink and bath in, and at least one hot meal a day. Try and say one “thank you” a day for these things.

Gratitude towards each fragment of your little abundance is an investment in whatever makes you smile. If of five things you don’t have four, focus on the one you have and caress it with your gratitude – the one will give birth to the other four. Like me, wake up every morning with one single thought:

Today I am grateful.