What Is Happiness?

Happiness is the subject of obsessions of all people from time to time. Often elusive and inexplicable, the thought of happiness is present in everyday life, each of us would like to admit it or not.

Happiness is when something is nice and good -the woman who came to me told me complaining about the lack of happiness.

What does it mean? And what’s good? What did you compare with and on what basis did you declare that another ugly or bad?

You’re confusing me with your questions – said the woman.

Happiness is a phenomenon that largely determines the quality of our lives and for which each one of us strives and shapes his life in search of her. And do we actually know at all what she is?

The general definition of happiness says: Happiness is a condition based on the satisfaction of the life situation, which is closely related to the feeling of fulfillment and enjoyment.

Satisfaction with the life situation and the feeling of fulfillment and enjoyment can be seen from many angles and depend on many factors, and can be colored by various personal pathologies. Happiness is a rather subjective term.

Everyone seeks for this stone wisdom, happiness as a universal state that when we are finished we will solve all problems. Here it seems to me that the mind of the average man continues this sentence: … everyone will envy me; will finally respect me; Then they will understand who I am; They will then beg me, etc.

It seems to me that everyone sees happiness as a state that when it comes to change a life, solve problems, relieve suffering, etc. But happiness is not a state, happiness is the process. And in the pursuit of this state of affairs, people ignore or miss the process and so luck themselves.

Although it is most commonly associated with good health, a stable emotional state or a satisfactory material situation, it is clear that one will happily do one thing and one another something different and so on. Someone is lucky in the domain of family values, while somebody else will be more important to achieve a successful business career; the third happily lives on the public scene, the fourth will experience tranquility and satisfaction only in a quiet life in nature, etc.

I wanted to be happy and organized myself. I found a super tourist agency, a good arrangement, paid it very expensive, and when I arrived there, there was nothing I expected, and that’s fine. I definitely do not have luck – the woman complained.

Do you really think that someone is lucky and someone does not, that luck can have, take, pay, lose or find?

But do you explain to me, why I was not happy there, and I did everything nicely planned?

First, you cannot plan to find happiness in a particular place because happiness is not the thing. Secondly, happiness in your case is not the destination you went to, but it should have been the whole time. Enjoying the organization of trips, every little trip to the desired destination, all the things that were actually between your plans, happiness should have been a process that is not based on the criterion how much you paid for this trip and how many stars the hotel you have stayed in. You expected the imaginary image you created on the basis of the imposed values formed on the social networks and the images of the false shine those who sell it for the heavy money.

I felt more like I was climbing to some ugly mountain peak, when I climbed, I did not see anything because it was a fog- said the woman sadly hanged nose.

Madam, happiness is not conquered mountain peak but the beauty of moments on the way to it.

Each of us has one or more “items” that are on the scale of factors of happiness far above others but their layout is different, sometimes drastically, from person to person. Also, these “items” are formed on the basis of many things, at the present time most often based on social networks where everyone tries to appear in the “most beautiful” edition. There are no rare photos of a young man next to a expensive car, and who knows whose car this is, the girls in an unnatural pose meet in a place where it’s not uncommon for someone to behave like that. On photos of social networks, all are young, beautiful, happy, rich and usually very well-informed and “filtered” photo filters. It’s so hard to see a picture of a girl whose mouth is not tipped.

Does every girl have such a facial expression when she is happy?

In the chase of happiness, we often copy the style of someone who best sells his role of happiness. And do anybody ask: What is the essence of all this? How do I actually feel? In what state and environment will I feel most comfortable? What do I want most intimately regardless of what is expected of me?

We are chasing for another person’s picture of happiness and we do not have the courage for our own!

Start from small things, notice what’s already happening, what’s up. If you do not know what it is, compass can be your gratitude, there is a place of happiness.

The truth is the saying “how many people – the same number of characters” and I would add: “how many people, so much happiness” so, do not look for happiness trying to copy someone else’s, regardless of whether it’s true or false. Turn deep into yourself and find yourself to be most receptive, no matter what the environment expects. Listen to what your soul wants. Indulge in this experience and let the process go. Happiness is right here!