What Is Right And What Is Not?

As we do not pray to God to be just to us, but to be merciful, because we would not always like it if it was by justice, the same goes with mercy – there is always hope we would be forgiven.

On my journey through India, which was a stroke of luck, although I do not believe in luck or coincidence, we stopped in the first place that we believed to have air conditioning, drinking water and human beings. There was, in the middle of nowhere, a jewellery shop. There I found a talkative jeweler. He promised that he would offer a glass of cold water and make me company while I rest, if I just tried a ring with a rock Indian Star, without the obligation to buy it. I did it. I put the ring on my right hand. The jeweler gently turned my palm on the other side with the excuse that it would the most convenient way to see the ring. He glanced briefly at the ring and the semicircular stone that was now facing as my palm, but it seemed he showed more interest for my palm, but the ring. He stared at it and then into my eyes. That moment I knew that there was a man in front of me who knew that the soul is immortal, untouched by fears, dilemmas, and questions whether this is the only life we live. I used the opportunity and asked him:

If karma exists, is it that our Westerners interpret it?

Yes and no. You people from the West give too much importance to what is on the outside, and not enough to what is inside. You’re too busy with the roles of other people, and not your personal ones. You are much more focused on the environment which you come from, to your predispositions, to what is around you and who is around you, and to a lesser extent what depends on you alone. You do not understand that you have all these answers in this life. You are too little focused on your own role.

Secondly, you are heavily burdened with the moral laws you have created yourself. Stick to the principle that if you do something wrong, you will be punished by someone or something. You think a person can be either right or wrong, that they are either black or white. You are constantly worried about whether you are correct or not, because if you are not, then you will be punished. Life is both plus and minus, and both sides are positive.

I bought the ring, not because of shade and water, but to remind me of his words that I must not forget.

I sat on one occasion with my friend and discussed the event, when she asked me:

If everything in life is gray and not black or white, as you claim, then how do we know what is right and what is not?

When thinking about some past experience and wondering if it was right or wrong, just think if it was precious to you for what you experienced afterwards. There is a saying:”Once bitten, twice shy”. Nonsense, it only restricts us, instead of letting ourselves go, listening and learning from our own experience.

A frivolous rushing into something new, uncertain, is not good, of course. But blocking oneself for one or more bad previous experiences is not the same. You need to learn. Let your experience teach you something  through that flow that is the only right way. The negative vicious circle is corrected by learning, mulching, acquiring knowledge. And that’s why I say that nothing is either completely black or wholly white, but there are all different shades of color between these two manifestations of light that are not even colors specifically. It’s life, the largest color palette you can imagine.

Does it mean that we should avoid situation that we find bad? – she asked.

No, on the contrary. You need to go in, because that is the only way to see if this experience is good or bad for you. If it’s bad you’ll get the lesson and next time you will not burn yourself , one more experience. This reduces the possibility of error. Everything has its consequences and cost, but it does not matter if it teaches you something. On this path, you should beware of yourself, because the guilty conscience and the restriction of the crudities of fictitious moral laws only make it difficult and frustrating. It’s like getting burns as you light a fire. Well that does not mean that you will never  light a fire again because you do not want to burn yourself anymore. You will just try to do it some other way. That is the prime purpose of any experience. They are no negative, they are all positive, however we hurt ourselves. If we are so stupid and every time we burn in the same way, nobody is responsible for it.

Are there any experiences that are always bad?

There is nothing totally correct or completely incorrect. In all things in this world there is at least a crumb of the other. And in that endlessly bad there is a torch of light.

Then can we say that it is enough for us to only adhere to the Ten Commandments of God? – she asked.

These commandments were derived from dogma, and dogma was created for the purpose of limiting and controlling. It somehow comes as if someone hates to explain that oat and tef do not have gluten as opposed to wheat, and the spelt has but a little less, but so as not to explain it is much easier to say you  to someone :”You cannot eat cereals”.  At a lower level of consciousness, this is the relativization of everything but on the higher  level – it is definitely not the case. Learning leads us to wisdom, and thus we are able to move to the top. And when we arrive there, with previous experience we will be able to say: “I will not catch a snake because it can bite me, but I will not be afraid either, because I know that if I do not touch it –  there is no fear that something bad will happen to me.”

The point is: I understand, know and I  consciously decide.

To get involved, to pay the price and then be completely of the price for every new occasion.

How much should I sacrifice for others?  I get some kind of opportunity, but I know it will have consequences for others. Should we in such situations give up the experience for the good of others and where is my  teaching in that situation?  – she asked.

To give up on others is black and go without strains is white. I would not find either one or the other, but some of the many nuances that are in between, because life is always somewhere in the middle.

Nothing is just, it’s only right!

As we do not pray to God to be just to us, but to be merciful, because we would not always like it if it was by justice, the same goes with mercy – there is always hope we would be forgiven. That is the only way to deserve salvation. If we go deep in the black there is no salvation. On the other side, we cannot reach white because there is only him – God.