How We Get Our Body Sick

Each of our diseases has a root in our mind, and in the very same place we can find its cure. If the mind is not ready or willing to change, consciously or unconsciously, the disease will not be cured, or we can only achieve temporary improvement.

Our mind is connected to every cell in our body. That is why it is very important to look for the cause and solve it, and not to cure the consequences. Following the mechanism of the problem and finding the causes, the path will always lead us to our minds. As you have heard countless times, our mind has a part that is known as conscious and the other is called subconscious. Conscious represents the way how we function every day, but that aspect is only 5 percent involved. This means that we are led by 95% of something we are not aware of. All holistic methods are seeking for this. Therefore it is very mportant to understand how our mind functions and perceives the reality around us and ourselves in it. By entering into the concepts of our thinking and emotions that are the product of the mind and the projection of the reality we have created, we come to the information in what kind of state a person is. We come to the information that the basis are made in our subconscious which dictates our life, and most often we are not or we do not want to be aware of them. Usually, what we most readily react to is actually part of our subconscious. Our anger, hatred – they are just reactions to what is in our subconscious. That is exactly the thing we do not really like about others, bit actually the fact is that the problem can be found within ourselves.

Observing we discover what is the energy vibration in the universe that coincides with the vibrations of the subconscious basis of a person, so that the vibration of a person leads to the subtle existence of a field in order to level with the energy vibration of the universe. When we bring human resonance to the level of energy vibrations of the universe, it vibrates with its full power that is forgotten because that person was guided by the subconscious which they, of course, were not even aware of. In this way, we will lead to healing. We will establish the balance and peace of energetic vibrations of the universe and people in it. This will not cure, but it will only recall our own source and let that source and its wisdom bring us to healing. So, in this process, we participate only as mediators, and therefore we should not be called healers as it is very shallow term. We’re just connectors in function of something much bigger than us.

We let your body return to its natural state. How do we manage to do it? We return you to your natural frequency, not using force or with the help of drugs or surgeries, because if we remove a part or mask the disorder by neutralizing the pain with chemical substances, in that case it is impossible to completely restore the balance. Therefore, it is better, except in cases where life is under the risk, to let the body just heal itself.

It seems to me that everyone wants to be healthy, however, very few people know themselves well enough to see that their illness is actually a protest of one part of their mind which does not want to be healthy, or who does not know how to be healthy.

We can learn againti the lesson well, if we are willing to look for answers within ourselves and not transfer responsibility to others.

One lady with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis wanted my help. For all those who do not know what this disease is, I will explain shortly: multiple sclerosis occurs as a result of inflammation, demyelination and depletion of the axon (prolonged nerve cell proliferation that results in the transport of signals to other nerve cells and muscles) within the brain and spinal cord. These changes lead to impaired impulse disruption along nerves which cause thr occurrence of various neurological symptoms and signs.

What causes multiple sclerosis? Despite the huge efforts of a large number of scientists, a definitive answer to this question does not exist for now. However, there is a general opinion that multiple sclerosis is an immune-mediated disease that occurs in genetically predisposed individuals under the influence of the factor of the environment, most likely an infectious cause, a possible virus. From all this, again, we only have the assumption and consequence, what happens to these people, but we still do not know anything about the cause.

The aforementioned lady came to the stage when she had difficulty walking, and she had almost no control over one hand. She barely took up the stairs to my office with my help. Her energy status spoke that she was born with a somewhat higher degree of academic intelligence, she was the only child who got all the love and time of her parents, she was attractive, professionally successful, she knew how to respond to the signals she was interested in in every sense. Ideal person, in one word. But there is always one thing to destroy everything. Her superiority was enormous. For her, all other people were on lower ranks, she brilliated everything, she believed she was smarter than all others because she had arguments, she became axial and unbearable. She started hating people. Luckily, one of her sympathizers, who she was constantly mocking, managed to bring her to the altar and eventually got a child with her. All three were connected by karma or, as we usually say connected by destiny. As she continued to live in the same style, she began to jeopardize the purity of her soul, but above everything else – her innocent husband and child. She continued to fight her life at speed beyond limits.

In order to save all three of them, the universe began to block her as the ultimate warning. It surpressed her movements and so it slowed down physically. The association is very important! She could not be the fastest in her job – a lack of money followed it. The illness changed her appearance with excess pounds, bad expression on her face and everything that it brings – she no longer had an old appearance. It was difficult for her to move so that she became inferior to those to which she behaved superior just the day before. All these things have triggered the avalanche of other things and above all – the loss of self-confidence. The universe was blocking her ego, which was the cause of all of her problems.

After a long conversation and a return to the energy balance she understood the essence of her problem. She started going in the direction of resolution. She worked for her, her relationship with people and her life outlook.

After a while she could go down the stairs without my help and even drive herself home. Not to get confused by these words – she was the one who cured herself, not me!