Attacked for No Apparent Reason?

A lovely day, isn’t it? – I said to the woman storming into my office like a dark cloud flying up suddenly on a sunny day.

Perhaps it had been until Murphy came along and ruined it.

Who’s Murphy?

Murphy, you know, as in Murphy’s law? That bitch lashed out at me, and I had done nothing wrong. Just off the turnip truck, and the boss already! Using me to get rid of her insecurities. I’ve been with that bank since day one! She wants me to take care of her favourite’s clients – the lazy bootlicker is doing nothing while I’m working my butt off. Today, of all days, I took my first coffee at the end of the workday, just to recharge a bit, and there she was, snarling at me: “You never want to get things done, do you? Just sitting there and drinking coffee all day long… ”

What do you think Murphy’s law is?

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, AND at the worst possible time.

I’d rather say that Murhy’s law is that the things that you need most happen exactly when you need them most.

Take the responsibility for the good and the bad. Take the whole package! Unconditionally. Have you ever tried not to ask anything in return? Should there be compensation for everything? Try to do your job, simply because you are a free person, making independent decisions and keeping a tight grip on life. Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and they are frightened of responsibility. Consequently, it’s far easier to shift the responsibility to the boss, blame it all on the bumpkin and her rural roots.

Try to be a friend to her.

You either haven’t been listening, or you must have confused me with someone else – she switched instinctively to defence mode.

There’s not a challenge in the world emerging without an opportunity to resolve it. The problem, however, is how to identify the power to do it. It’s YOU to decide that you want help, and then to face yourself and your problem. Have you ever asked yourself who the person bothering you actually is? No judgment here! Don’t you think they might be having their own problems? Is there anything bothering them? Do they need help? Is their act, perhaps, a cry for help they are unable to bring up to the surface? Have you ever thought the salvation might be lying in compassion and understanding? It may even come from you! Perhaps, it’s your personal, selfish reasons that make it impossible for you to shift your favourite perspective, pushing on, with no respect to others.

But, it’s me who’s sick, I can no longer put up with her unresolved issues! It’s me who’s depressed! I need help, not her.

Even sickness is an opportunity for change.

I’m the one to blame means “I retreat!” means Self-Destruction.

I’m responsible means “I Work on Myself” means Progress.

Sickness is a mere excuse for your impotence, laziness, overindulgence and so on. When we have nothing else to offer, there’s an excuse we know no one can object to. Well, I can! You didn’t get sick, you invented the sickness!

What the excuses are for, after all?

But, she’s mean to me!

Start with yourself, forget about her. Take care of your own dues. Don’t worry, she’ll have to pay her own when the time comes. The best way to diagnose yourself is to pay attention to how other people treat you. It’s an opportunity to test your confidence and face the problem.

There are questions to ask yourself everyday: What’s next for me to handle? Is there a programme blocking me? Then, you yell – I dare to be me!

If someone has violated your biofield, you should ask yourself if you might have provoked them, and if there were any unresolved issues between you. Why the attack? What might be their problem? It’s wrong to defend yourself with questions!

No one can quench your thirst for you!

Start with yourself, there’s no other way. Be aware of the dynamics of aggression. The attacker feeds off your reaction. The underlying cause doesn’t matter. If you give them what they want, you’ll only lose your strength, and your chances of winning are next to nothing. Why? There are several reasons:

To begin with, you were not the first to arrive on the battlefield. Second, it’s just a barren land, unable to produce anything, let alone a success. At that point, a debate leads nowhere. The only thing you can do is not to react, close the fuel vent and extinguish the flame of aggression. What you can expect though, is the person across from you to become even more aggressive, having realized that the energy’s dwindling, desperate for a fresh boost. If you choose again not to react, the situation is reversing to your advantage. If, moreover, you are able to add compassionate thoughts about the person on the other side, if you use them to try and understand the reasons behind the lesson you are learning, not only are you safe, away from aggression, but you are also taking the other person with you to the zone of the calm. What you most certainly won’t get from the person attacking you just seconds ago is understanding and gratitude, but the aggression will be over.

It requires great strength and wisdom to say: It is with love that I accept you as you are, because you’ve been sent to me as a lesson, and as the mirror of my previous steps. The universe is sending you to me!

This is a sure way to neutralize the attacker.

No victim, and no one to blame. No injustice done, everything is as it should be, because it’s our own doing. One should accept and be aware of the fact that it’s your own destiny, and it had to happen the way it did for your own good. There are no good or bad things, there’s only a personal perception, and our own decisions to follow. Bad situations cannot be accepted as life traumas, but rather the lessons that make us wiser and give us the wind beneath our wings to fly higher and grow.

The first thing to do is to be aware of yourself, and accept yourself as good enough! It’s a sin to judge others, but even worse to blame yourself. Let bygones be bygones – they were also the lessons serving a purpose.

I don’t think the woman regretted coming to me. I do hope she began to think about herself, and that you, too, will, having read this post.