Parents: A Lesson or an Opportunity to Grow?

The first step is the hardest one, because it is the closest to you.

That’s why you should start with yourself!

No one has ever stumbled lying in bed, BUT

No one has satiated their hunger lying in bed, either!

A young man was sitting with me, wrapped in a cloud of troubles and despair. He had left home, believing he was mature enough to move out, but the problems that emerged shortly after were too much for him. He blamed the parents. They haven’t been in touch for a long time; they don’t even know if he’s alive. Nothing seems to go his way, his every endeavour goes awry. With no home and no job, he can’t start a family. How does he feel about it? The difficult financial situation, the wrong family decisions – he blames it all on his parents.

Do you feel bad?

Things don’t go your way either? You are sick? Unhappy?

This young man has shackled his feet alone. Blaming his parents, but wants to be a father. Blaming his family, but wants to start his own. Searching for home, but has left a home. Can anyone build again what he’s been destroying all his life?
I remember a similar case. It was a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer, who also had problems with the ovaries. A regular interview offered no indication of the direct cause of her disease, but what her energy field gave away was shocking. Hers wasn’t a minor problem. In her heart, the girl nourished resentment to her mother, felt pathological hatred and an urge to destroy her, even though she had lost contact with her a long time ago.

An urge to destroy the source of your life triggers a mechanism of self-destruction.

Before you start judging her, you should know that her life hadn’t been easy either. Her mother had been a prostitute when she was young. She got drunk one night, and got pregnant by one of her clients. She didn’t even know who he was. It was too late for an abortion when she found out she was pregnant, and she decided to keep working, but strangle her new born baby immediately after giving birth, and just move on. Having planned everything carefully, she was completely alone when labour started. As she was bracing for her crime, a neighbour heard the baby crying and rushed in. After quite a fight, she grabbed up the baby and ran out. All the good woman could do was to take the baby to her grandmother, who actually raised her. The hatred my patient felt for her mother threatened her own reproductive system. I couldn’t help her. When I told her what had caused her disease, she just stood up and left. I heard she died shortly after.

This may sound harsh to you, but the rules of the universe have a price and a purpose. These laws cannot be changed for our weaknesses.

Blaming parents will not always target our reproductive organs. Everyone is different. There was a young man with serious heart problems, who did not respond to treatment. It turned out that for a strong feeling of anger towards his father and mother he had subconsciously kept hurting himself. Over the past few years, he would frequently find himself in conflicted situations with others, hurting people energetically and, consequently, being hurt back. A back pain occurred, too. He’s a good, honest man, and his soul protected him. The reaction shifted to the physical body to save the soul. Hadn’t there been for the back pain, offering a chance of saving the soul, he would have died of a heart attack soon.

Let’s get back to the young man in my office. Luckily, he has pinpointed the problem, and is working to learn his lesson. A rift between children and parents deforms the most fragile structures of the energy field, conductive to normal, sympathetic relations with everyone. He decided to get back in touch with his parents, and the act alone triggered a series of changes, which, if he perseveres, will put everything back in perspective. He chose a path that clearly differed from the one that had driven him out of his parental home; he started to change and made it possible for others to change, as well. A positive compromise like this will always allow us to help each other. The young man soon found a girl, who moved in with him. He started to build a new, healthy relationship and, hopefully, a wonderful family.

Being angry at your parents is ridiculous. Everyone knows, deep down, that they mean well. Having said that, it’s not difficult to understand that in any given situation, they did the best they possibly could. You can’t blame others for your failures, least of all your parents. If you didn’t learn everything from them, you will from someone else, or alone – that’s your chance to shine! That’s your lesson!

On the other hand, you, and you alone, chose your parents, the place of birth and the situation surrounding your birth. Yes, yes, these are all your choices, to the tiniest detail, because it’s your lessons encouraging you to keep on. It’s hard sometimes, I’ll give you that, but it’s like the universe has offered you an assortment of ice cream samples, you choose one, and then the one you’ve chosen seems to be the worst. It’s not the matter of which one you’ve chosen, but rather that the choice’s YOURS. It’s good when you can rely on a strong family foundation. It’s even better to have one storey up, and a little backyard, too. Why wouldn’t you wait for a new roof? Excuse me, but are you still in this picture? What is your contribution to your own life?

Parents are well-meaning people who deserve your respect. Always.

They gave us whatever they could, the rest is up to us.

How old you think you should be to take your life in your hands?