Energy Vampires

When we say the phrase “energy vampire”, the first thought is – sharp teeth, dark space as in some horror movie etc. To make this thing more serious, such people do exist. The only difference is they do not drink blood, but energy. These are the people who are exhausting us and we feel uncomfortable in their company. They can be the cause of many of our problems and I will try to bring you some facts.

Establishing an energy balance is essential for our health. When energy flows are disturbed or blocked, we become sick. Our body functions as it should only when an energy balance is established.
We name “energy vampire” someone who can not sustain their own energy or life force, so they stick to others who are at a higher energy level than them, thus replace the lack of their own energy. Such people are actually unhappy, they subconsciously seek life joy, but not in themselves. They do that in other people.
There are people around us who make us feel comfortable and beautiful, but there are those who make us feel irritable and tense, and after the encounter with them we are tired, exhausted and unhappy. The chance that a person who steals your energy (energetic vampire) will be happy and cheerful is great!
We meet with a lot of types of vampire characters. I will list only a few:
Victims – these are the people who constantly repeat how the whole world is against them. In every situation they find the reason to prove their suffer and thus attract attention to themselves.
Panic struck people – they are often anxious and constantly live in fear. If they have children, they always worry, monitor, organize, press and manage their lives. They completely transpose their lives to the lives of their children. They are never relaxed, they are all troubled, and they find fault with everything.
Attention seekers – these are the people who want to be at the center of attention. They want the energy of other people exclusively for themselves. With the prefix super they act ideal spouses, friends, parents and colleagues before other people. They will do everything to be the main in the company of other people and they will do their best to attrack the attention. They will not save money to provide a major role in society. If all the attendees are not only focused on them, they fall into a kind of subtle desperation, so they can be aggressive.
Drama queen – these are people who are looking for attention by exaggerating everything. They are prone to acting. Unlike the attention seekers, they exaggerate every future outcome in a negative way, showing how they have to sacrifice just about everything. Everything is dramatic and intense in their performance. Nothing is easy for them and they make a theater show about everything.
Meticulous – these are the people who are looking for someone else’s year for just one second of their time. They are talkative and unnecessary detailed. Same as the attention seekers, they look for absolute attention. If you try to butt in while they are speaking, they will be direct and aggressive. The thing they have to say will always be to the smallest details and thry bombard you to exhaustion, while for your problems they absolutely do not care.
Hypochondriac – these are people who always invent new diseases from which they suffer, constantly find new symptoms and the easiest cold present as deadly disease. They take out the energy from all people around them, abuse them with their own health issue, dark stories and in that wait drain your energy until the last moment. They tend to be very negative towards the future. From them, darkness constantly stirs. It is very difficult to reach any kind of prosperity in the company of these people because they refuse to change themselves.
Gossip people – they are not satisfied with their own lives, so there are constantly interfering into the lives of other prople. They do not have their own life so they get it by retelling the stories and gossiping. It is not rare situation they organize some kind of buzz.
Unscrupulous people – these are people who always humiliate others. They are finicky, pay attention on very small detail and look down on everyone.  They are constantly provoking and asking for a reason to humiliate someone. They are cynical and very cruel. They will use any situation to depreciate you.
Greedy people – their basic feeling is jealousy. They constantly want what belongs to other people and they are dissatisfied with what they have.
Set up people – these are those who always shift everything to others and thus transfer their guilt to others.
As you can see, there are many types of energy vampires. It is common for all of them to seek attention only for themselves and thus energetically exhaust everyone around them. The important thing that I want to point out is that they can be your closest people, even someone from your family, friend, colleague, neighbors etc. They may seem to be completely normal, but in moments of dissatisfaction, illness or stress their energy can be very low and exhausting for all of the people who find themselves in their company. All this is especially difficult when it happens to someone close to us. When a person does not understand their own problem, they drain us to the extent that we feel sick afterwards. In their presence we feel uncomfortable and after the encounter with them even very bad for a long period of time.
The first thing you have to know is that you do not need to take them something negative. All of us can be energy vampires in some life period.When we are ill, sad or under stress, then we put ourselves in the role of the victim, the drama queen or we have the acts of jealousy.
So when you feel the person next to you is an energy vampire, do the following:
First and foremost, be aware of that, but do not take them negative and condemn them.
Secondly, take a deep breath, focus on yourself, your peace and pleasure, feel that you are standing firmly on the ground. Do not let them drag you to their level. Set boundaries, say NO! Know that you always have the choice to go, do not let anyone drain you. Do not react, stay neutral. Do not engage in their actions.
Thirdly, send them love and understanding, because only such feelings can help them and protect you from exhaustion. Of course, never forget the boundary that cannot be crossed despite their sentiment and pathetic. Also, know that condemnation only opens the door for even greater exhaustion.
If you have identified yourself in one of the types of energy vampires, consider and look for the cause of your insecurity and work on it.
If you are constantly surrounded by energy vampires, consider also the reasons for attracting them. That is certainly not your perfect character, but something similar to them, some similarity to their essence.