Your Progress and Growth Are in Your Hands

I accepted myself as I was. I’m ready to become different and start the path of change. I realized that what I was doing was only the result of my emotions. It’s all clear to me, I am changing my emotions, but the same thoughts disturb me again and again.

What is the catch? – the young woman sitting in front of me asked me at our third meeting. She was determined to work on herself, struggling with herself, but like all the normal world, she encountered obstacles.

You can not expect better and different results if you let the same thoughts to occupy you, if you keep thinking in the same way and behave according to the same template! – I told her.

But for me it’s not a changeable state, I do not move!

If we look more closely at the nature and the changes that occur in her, we can see that all the changes lead only in two directions – either moving towards development and growth, or moving towards the failure and disappearance. The same thing happens with us, our life, environment and the circumstances in which we live. Or we are progressing and developing in a spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical sense, or we are regressing. There is no constant state, the only thing that is constantly changing.

I remember one of my patients who came to me with some health problems. I quickly realized that there were other problems as well. We started to work and his problems began to solve. Healthy results were better, he found a job, a girlfriend. He was encouraged by this outcome and he wanted to go on. He decided to learn from me in order to practice himself the skill of improving his health and quality of life. He received a manual and detailed instructions from me. After a month he came again. I asked him how he was. The answer was that he returned to his old life and was into the minus phase again. He dropped the manual at the table in front of me. I was laughing with the desire to thank him for making the effort to correct possible mistakes. Soon I realized that he did not correct the flaws of the text but the essence of the text. I was totally shocked. I asked him why he had changed anything in the text. All this was created through wisdom and knowledge a few thousand years ago, I just adapted it to be modern and acceptable for this area of the world. All that is written in the manual has been functioning and helping people to this date, and for what reason he thinks he is so special that he can correct something that eventually helped himself. The answer was simple: the essence of all this is contrary to what I think I should do! I asked: Well, when you know better, why did you come to me at all? And how do you explain that you felt better at the beginning? And why do you feel bad again from the very point you made a decision to get back to your old way of living? The answer followed a few minutes of angry silence and was simple: I feel bad because I want it so! He turned his back and went.

Am I the same as that young man? I feel good as it is, it’s just the way I say it… – the woman withdrew.

Everyone who claims to feel as well as they are and if they do not want to change anything, only show their ignorance, weakness and lack of courage. You can do it, just go ahead – I replied.