You Can Not Do It Faster Than It Is Supposed To Happen

In the nature of us all is impatience. How many times have you given up your idea, desire, or goal just because they did not work when you wanted to. If you are planting apple trees today, you will not expect to collect the fruit the very same day and be angry with the basket in your hand unable to pick the fruit. When you go to the gym, you do not expect muscles after two workouts. Why then it happens that most of us expect their wishes and goals to be achieved immediately or, at the very least, extremely fast?

I try to do my best at work, I opened my company a couple of months ago, I work fairly, but everything is somehow slower than I expected- a young man told me.

It takes time! Like any other seed, the seed of our ideas and goals must be nourished, we must make the effort, invest our time and patience, and know that it will be realized, that it will manifest itself in physical reality. You should know that the law of growth works always and in everything.

But I need it to happen now, now I am young, now I need everything, I do not need it in my old age! – impatience arose out of him.

Each seed has its own incubation and growth time, it can not be faster than it can!

How can I know that I am on the right track, when I do so much, and yet I do not see any results? – he continued.

If ideas, desires and goals have not yet come true, that does not mean that they will not, but that it takes more time! The absence of evidence that something exists does not prove its absence. The fact that you do not see viruses does not mean that they do not exist.

Time is the most important, but in that waiting process there are temptations. I remember one case, one lady who came to me in order to, as she liked to say, jump everything in her project, how she called her life. She wanted to prepare for a new position at work, which was to be opened soon. She wanted to do everything to achieve her ambition. Although my idea was futile, the very desire of hers to work on herself prompted me to help her. I knew that positive engagement would lead to a good work, so I did not pay attention to the fact that what she wanted and what would really happen could certainly be contrary to expectations. Time passed, many would give up, but not her. She had a key feature for achieving the goal, which is patience. She did her best, worked diligently and waited.

The waited day came. I waited peacefully in my office. She came in without knocking and started with the line of angry words. The new position was open but she did not get it. According to her, she was transferred to the department for which she did not even know it existed.

Not paying attention on offensive words, I asked her to go home, sleep, then come again. She took my advice The next day she entered my office less than a grain of grain, she apologized and said: I worked hard, I was patient and waiting, and in the end I got the best. If I had got the position I wanted, I know that after a month I would have given a fire or gone crazy. I have just realized it when I looked at it from some other perspective. Because of this my strong desire I did not even notice that there was a position beside me that was perfect for me.

Our positive engagement is not always realized as we have imagined but if we are patient and wait for the right moment, the gain will always justify waiting. It is only important that we do not block this process by our impatience, we respect the law of growth and let the time work for itself.

Your ideas are spiritual seed that sows and nicks out when it’s right for that time. The universe does not always give us what we want, but always gives us what we need most!