Life and Dying

I’ve read somewhere that a notorious criminal died a quick and easy death, having suffered a heart attack while fishing. The obvious question might be why, despite all his evil doings, he was so lucky?

First, the pangs of death alone cannot expiate so many sins. For him true suffering begins after death, in a period between two lives. Yes, there is an interspace, and how long he might stay there depends on how serious his sins were. The expiation there is worse than death. The fear bursts the bones, and a dull feeling of emptiness overwhelms the senses, terrifying, suffocating… There’s no darkness and no dawn, just a weightless greyness, with no flicker and no sigh, nothing and no one around – all you can feel is that indescribable heaviness you don’t know where it may have come from, or how long it will stay in that inconceivable time lag.

Speaking about death, I shall say this, too:

Prolonged mourning just pulls the deceased back, keeping them from moving on to the next life.

We should let them go instead, however difficult that may be, and think how not to be selfish. What am I going to do without you? You left ME – why do we scare ourselves with these words? It was not up to us! It’s not about us either! Breath in, move on.

Another question is why children die prematurely. At least they should be without sin, shouldn’t they? They don’t even have time to transgress – some less than a week. The parents of a perfectly healthy child who had died suddenly came to me. They were devastated, grieving heavily, inconsolable. The child was extremely beautiful, talented, and well ahead of the children his age. His soul developed so quickly, nurtured by everyone around him, that his mind couldn’t follow. A threat of pride and arrogance had hovered over, too. With talent comes great responsibility – we should never let it tarnish our soul, it’s only there to help us serve others better.

His soul moved on, to a new beginning.

This was an extreme case. You don’t have to worry about every smart child, you should just help them grow into good people. Don’t impose your own ambitions, frustrations and weaknesses upon your child – your child’s success won’t help you deal with them. That’s not you; their successes are not yours. You may just do them a grave disservice. Support them, but not forcibly, guide them, but don’t exaggerate! When children get sick, or their energy structure has been disturbed, the answers lie in the parents, not the children. If the parents are not responsible, the problem is probably karmic.

The universe has one mission only – to protect our soul from our mistakes. The lessons are not difficult, but we tend to interpret them with difficulty, because we like to think we are complicated.

Metaphysically speaking, we are the light. Our soul lives a human life, in a physical body on earth. There is also a scientific concept to support this, as it’s been proven that our DNA and cells release different levels of energy. Our health depends on that energy! As our health declines, the energy fades – as we recover, the energy gets going again. The soul has a pivotal role in the regeneration of our body.

The subtle energy of the universe, which we are part of, is necessary for our life. That energy has to be discovered in all of us, and it’s a long process. It’s also a true journey of life. The more aware of this we are, the more open our mind is, as we let it see and understand more. Fortunately, we can’t stop the process of spiritual growth. With the growing awareness comes the recognition of the laws of the universe, the principles ruling lives and interactions.

Science is on the right track, and will certainly prove everything I’m talking about. It’s wrong to think that everything in this world has to be placed in a scientific context. Had science explained all existence, we wouldn’t need science any more, would we? Some truths we just need to accept, even though science has yet to prove them.

Be careful: the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

Nothing happens by chance. Coincidence doesn’t exist! Everything you come across in your life is there for you, including these words you are reading. It’s a sign that whatever it is you are ready to accept it, that you’ve been given a chance. If you can feel it, you can also use it for your own benefit. Perhaps, you don’t have a clue why something’s in your life, or where it has come from, but you should know that everything happens for a reason. Let’s use this opportunity for something positive, for change. It will make us more pure and better prepared to express what we love, which is a way to receive the power of released energy.