The Spiritual Path Is a Return to Innocence and Not to Naivety!

All people are looking for serenity, for joy and for some more solid support they want to find. It is difficult for them to go to a psychiatrist, not because of the shame stereotype, but because the profession has turned into a mere prescription of medication. Conversation with the priest, on the other hand, has long been devalued by their business nature and condemnation of anything that opposes their material lust. In their ranks, rarely does anyone still believe in God, unfortunately.

People come to me out of pure curiosity, and then gradually it grows into a search that gets an important place in their lives. On this journey we go together as equal travellers.

It means the world to them the fact I am a doctor of medical sciences, but it is not crucial, because what they come to me for is spiritual, but common sense at the same time.

What exactly is working on yourself? – one of my very dear people started talking. She came to me as a client, and now I can call her my friend freely, because only a friend can move us to growth. Her academic education is at the highest level and the spiritual hunger and clarity of that desire is exceptional, which is usually not in proportion to one another.

A process in which we become better and in which we allow ourselves to fulfil all our potentials in accordance with the laws of the universe – I just reminded of what I knew she had already been familiar with.

Does this have anything to do with spiritual development?- she asked, remembering the polite restraint with which atheists usually respond to her stories about the Reiki she had told them about.

This is spiritual development.

That sounds pretty simplistic to me for such a complex thing as spiritual development, as if it were reduced to some kind of self-help definition.

The goal of spiritual development, or work on oneself, is very practical. It is not, as most people think, the goal of some great realization. These deeper insights and spiritual insights happen in parallel and spontaneously with the process in which we, working on ourselves, strive to become better.

So this orientation is practically an essential element of the spiritual path – she struck right at the target with her sharp mind.

I personally would not believe a teacher who lives without a penny, sick and lonely, in complete social margin talking about the spiritual path. Material is the foundation of spirituality, whether we like it or not. When I say material, I mean accomplishment in the fields of my own life.

If the goal is practical, I suppose working on myself should make my life easier. However, I do not have the impression that it is easier for me. I am less interested in some “useful” things, I move away from some close people occupied with the lowest material aspects of life, injustice drives me more. That worries me. Shouldn’t the increased ease of existence exactly be “proof” that I have progressed on a spiritual path?- she asked.

That path is not linear. It is not true that if we become more spiritually advanced, we will be free from worldly temptations and problems. At first, it is normal for the awakened to perceive more and better, and so to see more clearly – and injustice and some other things that are not in their immediate vicinity as they would like them to be. Of course then a certain dose of frustration is born when our value system conflicts with reality. But it is precisely the temptation that challenges us to move on. What bothers the most is something that does not work in the environment we consider our own. But this is precisely what humanity’s greatest weakness is – stepping out of the stuffy and impenetrable zone of comfort.

We can change ourselves, but not others!

In that case, am I not someone who becomes a victim who, in an unjust and immoral world, among individuals who view their interest, tries to “do the right thing”? That is how they will always abuse me – she expressed her anxiety.

The spiritual path is a return to innocence, not naivety!

The one who really finds the spiritual path will feel the same as when they were children- I told her.

Do you think then that if I work on myself and seek that spiritual vertical, I will love life more and enjoy it more?

Absolutely. Your life will become fuller. Think about it, the house is held by foundations and pillars. Not the walls. You can tear down the walls, but the supporting columns and foundation must remain intact. Now, when you work on yourself, you are actually reconstructing the foundation and supporting pillars of your house. You took them down to the armature and now you are covering them with qualitatively different material. When done, you will get a foundation and pillars that are much stronger and more stable and can carry not only the two storeys you have raised so far, but also the skyscraper.

Does this mean that my earlier passions will fade? You will agree that everything seems less important, not to say banal, than spiritual pursuit.

A spiritual journey will enable you not to tear down the existing floors, but to lift new ones that aspire to far greater heights. Then the old walls and rooms will be visible again, but on a much more stable foundation. In other words, spiritual development may not become your new “career”. So you may not become a yogi, a Reiki teacher or something, but it will give a whole new foundation to your life. In particular, you have done your best so far, but you have played in some national league. You were successful, but the fruits of success were defined and limited by the type and class of league you competed in, even though you may have been the best in the league. Now that the spirit is strong, you will still have to give your best in your career. However, you will be in a Champions League into which the spirit will launch you. The fruits of the success of your work will now be different, as it will fit the new league.