Accept Both Good and Bad

Nothing in this world is either black or white, nothing is just good or just bad, there are even claims that we do not see only black or white color, but that it is all the numerous shades of gray. In the world where we live, there are only different forms of contrast that strive for balance. There is no measurement scale with only one side of scales.

Many believe that events in life can be either just bad or just good, and that we are born predestined for good or for bad. And in fact, in this wonderful life, nothing is meant, it is given to us to create it the way we want it, and again we often testify to the sadness of those who see only black, constantly repeating as a mantra: poor me, I can`t do anything properly, I have bad karma, happiness turned me back … and similar sentences. It is sad that they do not know that they are creating their own reality. Try to imagine the life of one who is constantly occupied with black thoughts and sobbing over their fate!

You must not ignore that everything in this world not only has its own opposite, but it has its perfect opposite. If the distance from Belgrade to Zagreb is 393 kilometers, then the distance from Zagreb to Belgrade must also be the same. Therefore, it cannot be understood only good or bad, remember that there must always be a balance between everything in the trapeze of life.

Most of us, unfortunately, are programmed to pay attention and focus only on the negative side of life, but to ignore the positive. Failures are an integral part of success, they are its foundations and, as such, have a sense of existence in order to build a system of values that we did not experience something bad as well. Are you going to sob forever over the terrible taste of some fruit or you are going to enjoy the one you love? The one that you do not like – you have to try so as to find the one you love. Do not limit yourself ever again!

In our people mentality, it is believed that when we are well, we do not need to rejoice and enjoy it, but we should sob so as it would not be accidentally cursed. This will never be clear to me; it is just as if you give up joyful for sadness.

Always keep in mind that all the bad things that happen to you have their own positive side. There is not, nor can there be, only negative side of things. If nothing else, at least you know in which direction you need to go and where you will never come again, and that is not a small thing. Accept that the problem is always in your laziness and that it is actually easier for you to sob than to put your sleeves up and take your life into your own hands. It is more comfortable to sob in the shade of some tree, as far as it sounds absurd, than trying to work on it, but us humans are weird beings.

Many of you are now wondering what is it now to do to make it better for yourselves?

First and foremost stop sobbing!

Then decide that from now on no matter what happens to you, you will only need to look for a positive side. Try it both tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and every other day until it becomes natural for you to see only a positive side in everything!