The Reality is Always Somewhere Within Us

Every day we are bombarded with a huge amount of information. Our minds process them, but by passing through our perception they are eliminated at every step. And finally, those who reach our consciousness are those that serve us most. Science has proven that the brain is processing 400 billion of information per second, but we are actually aware of only 2,000 of them.

My lungs work with only a small percentage. I can not go anywhere without a breathing apparatus. I’m desperate. My life has become monotonous, gray and limited because I am condemned to the boring routines that my illness imposes. I’m looking at your flowers on the table and I think I would be so lucky to be a florist. In that way I would not die so young – said the woman who came to consult with me.

Who organizes your life – you or your disease?

I understand what you are aiming for, but I really would like to be able to do it, but I can not, I can hardly breathe.

Okay, and tell me what do you do for living?

I am CEO in one very big company.

How is it there?

Well, how it is destined and possible. We manage somehow, every step must be well thought out because there is no place for mistakes. I am of course responsible for everything, so it’s very hard for me. It also complicates everything together with this disease.

Don`t you think that you have done it yourself? 

What do you mean? Do you find me crazy?

Our body is just a polygon to our mind. It all depends on how we organized our lives. Energy is reflected on our body, because only we can understand what we are doing, and it will be painful to force us to do it. Look back, what are the things you are not able to do?

I can not do anything that is not planned in advance because of the nature of my illness.

What do you do at work?

Organize the job as needed.

I would add live in limited circumstances.

Well, unfortunately, yes. 

Reality is played all the time in the brain. We create reality ourselves and our brain integrates in the way that our experience, frustrations, adopted wrong models, habits and other weaknesses allow us to. All that we have not been able to process is bound to leave traces on our body. 

The eyes are like a lens. But the real movie we see is played in the back of the brain. It’s called a visual cortex. In fact, only the eye sees much more than what the brain sends us as information. The eyes do not make any remarks and do not bring the courts. The judgment is made by our critical mind through the criteria of our weaknesses and unintegrated emotional charges. The only movie that revolves around our brain is one that we are able to see ourselves. Since everything is connected to us, our body accepts the information sent to our brain, and in fact we live according to the pattern we have made ourselves. We compare patterns that already exist within ourselves. The solution is always offered to us, we just need to take a closer look, to try to understand and change some items. 

And what am I supposed to do now? – asked the woman.

If you can not get rid of the restrictions at work, then change the job, if you can not change the job within the profession, do anything else that will make you happy.

Is it easy to say that. Do you want me to starve?

What did you tell me when you walked in? That you will die anyway. Then you better die young happy than unhappy. And you mentioned a florist at the beginning as a possible source of happiness. Think about it!