How To Protect Yourself From Other People`s Ego

In my work with people, I have encountered the behavior guided by the hard forms of the defective ego. I am writing about this because you will also come across similar people, and it is very difficult to defend against such ones. For the beginning I will give you a piece of advice, regardless of their appearance toward you, never forget that the only salvation for you and for them is just your compassion, understanding and love for them. As much as it sounds absurd to you, t only in this way you will remain unharmed and give them a chance to escape the turmoil.

An unrealized man led by his ego is never satisfied, even when his object is at his fingertips. Like a bowl that is all in holes, it can never be filled with fluids. Whatever you do, say or write like in my case, they will understand it as a threat. Such people are always left empty. That’s why their ego never rests like a deer who lost his herd. Because of this, such people are very active in any form of negativity, such as negative comments, offensive words and full misunderstanding and hate speech. This is actually their cry for help, they are, unfortunately, not even aware of. Such people can be very subtle and easily offensive, especially if they have a high degree of intelligence. There are different types of intelligence and they do not always necessarily carry with them clear mind, and are not a guarantor of openness to change, but they certainly are a guarantor of slow abandonment of distorted attitudes. What we call an intelligent man is actually the academic intelligence with which a person is born and which can not be changed during the lifetime. The emotional intelligence is more because it develops throughout life. A great level of academic and low emotional intelligence creates incredible combinations in the human mind to justify ego actions.

That kind of person commented my writing:

You explain it in a very simplified way, but your metaphors are not always a solution, in your texts there is a lack of quality, there is also a lack of knowledge about the areas you are dealing with and about which you write, that lack does not happen to educated people.

Such people are much more courageous while leaving written anonymous comments on social networks, rare are those who dare tell you what they think in the face as well. One such person wanted to demean me in front of many visitors at one of my lectures. I do not upset about those comments because anyone who came to my lecture is guided by what he reads, knows me well, my work and motives, and it is difficult for someone to turn it with a bad intention, guided by his own unrest. Usually they are downplayed and exaggerated by the comments of the present. Fortunately, such cases are rare.

I asked one such lady for an explanation of her bad words about me. She did not manage to give me any answer. Then I asked: Can you at least say whose opinion you are respecting? The answer I got was astonishing. When I heard who were those she respected, I was very pleased that I was antipathic to that extent, I felt as though I had received praise and not insult.

People feel sympathy or antipathy toward you, not because of what you do, but because of what you are, what you take within youself, and the similarity to what they are in fact at the depth of their being.

Do not ever give up because of them. It is not terrible that sometimes, if you do well to someone who feels the antipathy towards you, your act will not change the moment of his feelings, but you will be happier, and the seeds that you plant in them will perhaps one day germinate.

I have had the opportunity several times in my life to meet such characters in human psychology. I realized that your minds are always restless like the waves and that they do not have to fight against them because it will not give results, but will calm them down with their understanding. It takes time and their good will, which sometimes does not exist, and for that reason never allow them to cross over from you. Never let them be above you.

Do not judge them. Since they can not free themselves from unrest, they can not achieve peace for a moment. Annoyed by the portage of their ego objects, they run in all directions looking for refuge. This demon we call ego is completely devoid of stability, it has a form only through empty imagination. Keeping such a wretch is very difficult, so beware. It is a good servant but a very bad master.

The ego burns out of its own fire and is gone. It runs for the objects of the senses as a crowed meat, leaving it the next moment like a child throwing a toy that bored him. Such people can not be consistent in anything. The ego is like a tide, it is carried away and its end is harder than drying the ocean or raising the mountain.

And in the end, how to protect yourself from someone else’s erring ego?

By compassion, understanding and love, but do not forget to pull the boundaries!