From ungratefulness to disease

Can a disease appear as a warning or as an obstacle to the mind that has lost the compass in abstinence and excellence? The question that I made to myself when I entered my office when a man whose name was known was very familiar with someone else’s.

He was a young man, in terms of attitude and energy, I would say, at first glance, a successful man. That’s what it was. Bright, intelligent, slightly inclined to the material basis of his father but immensely resourceful. What he did was recognized as a success that gave him confidence, but also disrepute. I do not know if this is because of the surname, which the father made recognizable, but in any case justified his inheritance.

From the conversations we conducted, I realized that it was not quite clear in my mind about material values. In one sentence, he highlighted his concern for money, in terms of savings, explaining to me how he chooses to buy cheaper ice cream in two parallel actions, because he also needs to show his attitude towards savings. In order for me to sign up with the MB pencil already in the next situation, which he praised for being his favorite and special in his many collections of them. When I reminded him of the previous sentence and asked me to explain the difference between a pair of dinar between a cheaper and cheaper ice cream and a pencil signed by several thousand euros, he did not immediately respond. The expression of the face said that I offended him. It was not my intention, I was just curious. He paused a bit and then said:

You do not understand this, this is a passion. If you had, you would not ask me such a question, because you would know what I was talking about. When I take this pen in my hand, the feeling is really special.

I did not understand this answer best, but I did not want to continue this topic because I realized that he was not ready for this direction of our conversation.

We finally came to the reason for his coming to me. The doctor’s results diagnosed with acute leukemia, blood cell cancer.

Symptoms were clear: swollen lymph nodes, liver and spleen, night sweats, feeling of weakness and chronic fatigue, light bleeding and bruising, frequent infections, weight loss and anemia that caused dizziness, dyspnoea, and apnea.

Medicine says that the most common cause of leukemia, among other things, is ionizing radiation, and since my doctoral dissertation deals precisely with this, he came to advice. I did not invite my doctorate, I examined it the way I do it with everyone.

His energy field indicated something, in my opinion, much more serious than the proliferation of immature lymphocytes in the bone marrow. What I saw was ungratefulness. This, of course, is not the universal cause of this disease, this was the individual story of a man sitting across from me.

He lived well in material security. His clarity and talent prompted him to continue to create, to try even to work on his spiritual aspects. Seemingly everything perfect, and the man would say, the perfect path for each of us. Again, this is an individual story of one man. And on this perfect ego, ego, an old perfidious tempter, he found the way to make a mistake or, rather, a lesson.

Skipping a few steps of life – acquiring, he began to imply many things. He believed it was not expensive for everything that money could buy. It was normal for him to have all the benefits that surrounded him and wider than what was his. If all the doors were opened for him, he would receive praise. On this path, he lacked nothing but a little respect for everything. He did not even notice when he became impatient and arrogant, stern and intolerant of everything that was not his own. There was not even a mumbling gratitude for what she had. In fact, he did not enjoy anything, and his internal dissatisfaction was shifting to criticizing others because the position he had allowed him.

There were frequent situations in which it was easier for him to condemn and declare a dysfunctional one, but to make a little more effort, understand and learn something new. He easily condemned and humiliated even more easily.

A little bit of a good soul diminished in the battle with the mind that was being proven. And what is our blood than our life, what carries life, food and oxygen, to every and the least cell in our body. We are not grateful, we throw the hit right at the core of our lives, on the bone marrow where our blood and our life are viewed from the energy side.

His state of mind was transferred to his material appearance, on his body. Ungratefulness is a denial of the essence of what we have and that is life. The body reacts, or does not react to the energy to soak. Our people often say about leukemia: Blood turns into water, or blood as the source of our lives fade and disappears, and with it the essence of our lives.

He did not care when I explained the cause of his condition. Fight me with sharp and insulting words. He did everything except to think for his own good what to do. He held his way firmly. He was too old for the youth to be too young to beat the battle of the animal. That gap was a huge hole in which he was drowning.

I hope that over time, with this young man, the superiority will be less than the need to give him good, and that gratitude as a lesson will be easier than shortcuts. It’s up to this young man to decide.

But he needs so little. It is not difficult at least every morning to be grateful for the new day given to us and to try to focus more on things in which we can see the beauty and love of those who make us ungrateful.

Let’s be grateful for what we have and not angry about what we do not have.

I know it’s sometimes difficult to understand something like this, but at least try. We have to respect life because we are given full of beauty and love. If that is not full, we are deserving ourselves, but it is not a reason for anger and indecency.

Of all the cases with which I have been working alone is one constant, and it is a human readiness to give up my goodbye in order to justify my own weakness, weakness, indifference, the accepted role of the victim and the lack of courage. It is easier for everyone to find justification than to realize that they are responsible for everything in their lives, for both bad and good. Everything is in our hands, we say the opposite, always everything returns to the same.

So, just ask yourself if you are grateful for what you have.

And you know, gratitude is the only precondition for all the right benefits that are intended for you, and its absence for the impoverishment of the spirit and the soul.

As I have written several times, there are no universal causes of the disease, so do not bring this case with someone else! Be careful in reading. Read all my texts before condemning someone with a comment.