Can It Be The Other Way?

Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet and long-lasting.

I attend a conversation with dear friends. They are young, they have a baby and they got tired of their new obligations. He, like any father, occupied with work obligations, spent more time out of the house. It’s not good, but often inevitable. She, like every mothers all day, is at home with her baby, exhausted and a little angry. It’s not good, but also often inevitable. They are both good parents and nothing can be objected to. A new situation for both of them. On the one hand, they are glowing because of their newborn, while on the other they are completely lost, because they have the feeling that someone has shut them in a cage. They start panicking, but they will not admit it.

I will go nuts, I do not know where my head is, I’m crazy – she tells him.

OK, love, it will pass, just take it easy – he tells her.

It’s easy for you to say to take it easy when you’re out the house all day. Do you ever wonder how it is to me?

Okay, do you have any suggestions? You know about my obligations, you know what my job is and that we do not have many choices now.

I can not do this anymore! – she said, stopping a further conversation.

None of us can prepare for all the situations that await us in life. That is the meaning and beauty of life, to find ourselves, to overcome, to learn and to go on. They often ask me if they can know in advance what is ahead of us, in order to get ready in time. I tell them that if they knew when they would fall, they would move and then there would be no lessons learned.

It’s easy for you … It’s tough for me, you do not understand it … Well, it’s not like you say, I’m an exception … – all these are excuses that many use to justify themselves because they do not accept my advice to deal with the situation as it is, in order to resolve it as soon as possible.

Do you know the story of the donkey that fell into the well? His boss could not get him out, so he decided to cover him with mud so as not to suffer any more. As he threw mud in the shovel over it, the donkey would only shake it from his back. The mud would fall under his hooves and so he would be closer to the top of the well with each shovel. The donkey was able to bend and curse his evil fate, to indulge in the misfortune that struck him, and eventually die. But he did not do that!

Since everything in this world is our choice, we can always choose to make an effort and shake the mud from the back, and so, slowly, climb to the light at the top of the well.

Because you have nothing out of keeping things within yourself in a difficult situation. This will only make you feel even worse, getting empty and worse. So empty, you still have to walk the path that your life has devoted to you, so when you have to walk, then pay attention that walking you make makes it easier for you in every possible way. By sobbing, you only prolong agony.

Do not let the situations to burry you. Accept them. Get caught up with them, because nothing else is left to you, and allow time to help you overcome it. By accepting things as they are, by giving you the chance of time, everything will be closer to resolution.

And do not forget, patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet and long-lasting!