Misconceptions of the Causes of the Diseases

My friend had breast cancer and after a few years it spread to the brain– said the girl who came to my center.

Very often I hear opinions that we can completely cure a cancer only in surgical way and in any other case it will appear elsewhere.

The disease is not an avalanche that can be removed by cleaning a part of the land that has covered it. The disease is water flowing from the fountain, and it is primarily necessary to close the tap and thus remove the cause of the disease.

The structure of the energy field and the physical body exist as two opposites that influence each other. The speed of switching to one another can be different. The experience of treating various diseases shows that treatment is more effective if it is not directed exclusively to the illness, but on the cause of the disease. If we do not remove the cause, it will continue to expand, feeding on the disease, and as practice has shown, it will move from one organ to the other.

Also, one of the misconceptions is that we got sick at the very moment when we were diagnosed with classical medicine.

Many diseases spice at the level of the energy field, often many years before they are reflected on the physical level. The cause of the deformation of the energy field is the disagreement of the characteristics of the energy field of man with the information field of the earth and the universe.

Thoughts, emotions, our behavior if they are in conflict with the harmony of the universe, lead to the deformation of the very structure of the energy field. It follows that the elimination of the cause of this deformation is the path to healing. Every negative process, thought or emotion is from us, in our information-energy layer of the man’s wrist. Diseases, traumas, life inconveniences, personality disintegration, character stains, sick psyche are curable by removing the causes that led to the deformation of the energy field; cure returns harmony between all structures of the energy field. The system is not just a physical body (this refers to a unique system within the boundaries of the skin with the interaction of bodies of one another), but elements of that system and spiritual structure, and psyche, and fate and character. The performance of any of the listed parameters automatically causes changes in others, for example, the growth of spirituality simultaneously improves the psyche, improves fate, heals and affects all levels of our lives. Whatever problem we have, whether it is just the inconvenience we face daily, or psychic and physical illnesses, traumas, they are the consequences of the work of the system of self-regulation of the energy field which in this way protects our energy field and stops the further breakdown of spiritual and other major strategic structures responsible for our survival and offspring.

The action of life energy is much more effective than any drugs, but it is much more dangerous, and therefore without systematic control it should not be applied.

Karmic structures protect people from accident, trauma. Structures of success, happiness, organism are constantly renewed and reproduced. They collapse when we give up the god / universe, parents, children, a beloved person. In the energy field there are structures that are responsible for the ability of a person to love, and their deformation leads to the most severe diseases including those oncologic ones. Since the physical body in general with karmic structures is a unique process, it can be tested and, therefore, early diagnosis is possible. The mechanism of karma is a reflection of person’s unity with the universe.