You Can Feel Better

I sat down in a company and listened to my acquaintances talking about their problems so much by enjoying their own bad feelings as if they were eating some favorite meal. They were so occupied with the negative side of their everyday life, and so much was the thick mass of their energy that I could not do anything to tell them. It was the thought of self-bribery that made me feel obliged to change their views on life. When I got out of my mind, I realized that they would not even be able to hear me because they were out of reach of anything that was different from what they occupied. It seemed as if they were indulgent in all this because it was not so why would they pour on their wounds.

I noticed a very strange connection between them and their suffering that they actually chose themselves. And, miracles, I found myself in the midst of a game in which my acquaintances competed in showing their wounds that were masochistic. The stress they were relegated was a reflection of the state of their minds that spread vibrassically in space. Since I was in their circle and I received and felt those vibrations that were beginning to stir up my energy. I began to focus on myself and to deal with my energy pulling out of the whirlpool in which they were drowned.

The moment of a stress fog spreading stronger than tobacco smoke in a café interrupted the arrival of a waitress who brought a new round of drinks. She was visibly upset even though none of my acquaintances even noticed her.

She accidentally dropped the whole tray full of glasses and a bottle on the floor. The shattering glass that breaks the floor drained the attention of my acquaintances from destructive self-pity on the waitress. A moment of silence and then her screaming and crying.

Actually, all the concentration of stress, ie, the accelerated vortex of destructive energy that was being used by my acquaintances, moved its center of focus on the innocent waitress and dipped its energy structure like the glasses she dropped onto the floor. It attracted him, probably by his inner state, which in terms of structure was equal to their, and since she was the weakest, she had to feel the blow. It’s the same as when the first one in a row catches a stream of wire and dies the last one, because there is no emitting behind.

I jumped and took out the girl who was shaking out. I was thinking about everything that had happened.

This was exactly the model of the vortex of stress that we transmit to each other and thus maintain a negative vicious circle from which we suffer from ourselves.

Occupied by the stressful state, we are in complete contradiction with the harmony of nature, of which we were supposed to be. And this nature and its harmony are our essence, the basic cell from which we were born.

Which is the worst, and we started to take this nature into this negative vortex. Smashing and denying our essence we destroy nature.

And what’s the reason?

A man is asleep, an alien in relation to his own interior, and is designed to be in line with nature, ie his essence. Now you’re probably wondering what we need to do to get back to your essence which is not stress!

Working on and perfecting the same in everyday life is the key to conformity with nature and nature. Now many of you think: well, yes, I read books, I repeat affirmations, I watch clips of various gurus and it’s bad again, so it does not work!

That’s not true, you’re doing wrong! Do not make a connection between positive affirmations and what you do in life. You can not want to have money and keep puking constantly that you do not have it. It will not help you affirmation of health if you are constantly complaining about your illness. You can not expect love while giving hatred.

Spiritual work should be related to life, not split into two halves of life without touching points. Work on yourself is not going once a month to a life coach lecture but a process that should be part of every moment of your life.

And bathe the technique that they say to you: think positively and be better, and gurus who say they can arrange your life for you. Find out how to live positively and this process will make everything else to be in line with yourself.

Now you’re wondering where to find it? And I tell you: IN YOURSELF!

You are wondering how to start. And I tell you,

Get started from my five basic principles, Reikey Learning:

  1. Now I never worry because it’s ridiculous and the impossibility of it only reflects my laziness, disorder and helplessness because I loaded the victim’s role in order to cause compassion and stretch my own ego on the shoulder!
  2. Now I never get angry because I take it away from myself and create a chaos in my own life!
  3. Now I am always grateful for all that I am and what I have, because I only deserve all the good that belongs to me!
  4. Now, at this moment, I enjoy everything that is part of my life. I participate honestly in that even if it was a job that is not ideal, because I know that this is only the first step towards my perfect business achievement.
  5. Now and always love is the only feeling that grows in me and which I unselfishly share with everyone I meet with all the way the lessons we call life.

If even now you find an excuse and justification for your own stress, then you really did not get enough head on the wall, so forward.