Why Is It So Hard To Say: „I Love You“?

Love is sometimes so complicated! Not for everyone, but for many it is. Those who can do it are happy people. I was thinking a bit about it while I was looking at two young people sitting next to me in a restaurant. I arrived earlier and waited for my friend.

They were rather sociable. They greeted me as soon as I had sat down. I was a little reluctant with the waiter, so they recommended homemade cold tea, a specialty of the chef, to me. I did not regret! It was interesting to observe them discreetly, so I took the waiting time to enjoy the enthusiasm of the incongruity that existed among them. I tried to understand them, to help if I could.

There was something between them. It seemed to me that both of them were very interested in each other, but that there was something that made the barrier impossible for them to overcome. Based on their looks and behavior, it looked like a romance has been there for some time and that they had already experienced the passion they felt to each other.

He was somewhere older than her, nothing noticeable. He was looking at here with love, but didn`t exceed the boundary of decent behaviour. He was taking care of whether she approved every his step. He was burning after her! He had a look of a friend, but he also showed a huge passion. He looked as an educated, successful man of free spirit without limitations.

She was unusually beautiful, young, witty, fairly open and communicative lady. She acted like someone who had become independent before the proper time. She was still searching for her life. Life didn`t treat her well. They talked a little bit, but the views and energies spoke much more.

There are miles between us and I just want to hug you – he said charmingly.

This cake is very nice– she laughed.

Based on her look, reactions and some sentences, I concluded that she was very insecure. She strived to let love for both of them. She was hiding some wounds from the past. She could only be read by an unintentional word, and she was burning after him as much as he was after her, but the outside was cold, so everything looked like torture.

Defeat is normal. Mistakes happen! It’s part of the learning. The unpleasant experience must not be the world’s end for which we will close and renounce everything beautiful in front of us. They say: “Once bitten, twice shy”. This must not be our destiny! Why fear, distrust and rigor ?! She was closed and inaccessible, she did not even notice that she was killing love in him. She extinguished the beauty of the passion she sought herself as well. She defended herself with inexperience, and in fact she only called it “bad experience”. She was moving away from the desire of her heart.

Experiences are there to teach us how to be more accessible, wiser, how to open ourselves to love. That’s why we call them experiences! If we turn them against ourselves, we become prisoners in the dungeon of fear and life becomes useless. There is no place to say: “It’s stronger than me”.

How is she? -she asked after a break, not looking up from her plate.

You know everything, I do not hide anything from you. She has her life, we’re just friends. I told you there is not anything between us. It was before I met you. I think she even has somebody in her life – he replied, looking at the eyes that said: “Just make a wish and tell me, I am all yours, and the world can be ours.” She just kept silent, shutting the door to him before that sight. Her soul was dying, that was exactly what she needed as the air, but it was stronger than her.

Do not let to be defeated by something that does not exist! The past filled with the fear of experienced and the future painted with anxiety “not to repeat” do not exist! There is only this moment in which you are. Relax, enjoy, let all your frustrations, barriers and fears. Accept what the Source sends you. When the temptation of your thoughts is just released, let it. Life is too short to wait!

With these words, I greeted the unusual couple and left because my friend told me that she would not come. They wanted to tell me something. Perhaps they wanted to justify themselves, although there was no need for that. I interrupted them and added over their shoulders:

I’m going, my good ones, forgive me for interfering!

They have to do it alone. If they want something, they have to fight for it!