Can a Helping Person Be a Charlatan?

For some time, among the many comments of the clear support I get about my texts, there are some which accuse me that I am a fraudster or a member of some suspicious organisation. The very same comments can be read about the people who are fond of my texts and work. Unfortunately, those are usually people who have not even read my texts, nor did they understand their main message. People often condemn what they do not understand and are afraid of.
You will be surprised if I tell you that I completely understand them and their fears.

A while ago, a woman came to me for help. She was scared. Regardless of the fact she came to me based on the recommendation, I saw a lot of mistrust and fear in her eyes. I explained to her that there was no reason to be scared, and that we could only have a conversation if she wanted. I also strongly pointed out that she did not have to pay for the treatment if she was suspicious about my work and personality. My only wish was to have some kind of friendly conversation and help her with some advice, if possible, like I do with everyone else. At least we could have a decent talk in pleasant tone and full of understanding.
Very soon afterwards, I understood what the problem was. Seeking help to solve her problems, quite by chance, as it usually happens, a woman encountered a certain gentleman who convinced her in his so-called psychic ability.
At this point of text I would like to point out that people look for salvation in every step they make when they are frightened, ill or have problems generally. That is the moment when people most often deal with various kind of cheat. So my advice would be to bring with you someone who can remain an objective observer if you opt for visiting unverified healers.
The manipulator used her trust and, without hesitation, said: Your son will die in a year.I can save him, but it will cost you tens of thousands of euros.
The woman was shocked with information and then fell into despair because she did not have that money.
I know what most of people think right now – who plays thee games with the devil, deserves a red hand. However, I would not agree with the statement. Each of us would feel at least a bit of suspicion, even in the most horrifying information like that. But we have to take into account the sensitivity of the subject and the dramatics of the statement, to understand the breakthrough of the woman’s experience, and why she could not get out of it.
To her question where such money goes – she received the answer that it would not be only for him, but also for the monks who would pray for the life of her son, for several hours, for the next year, every day.
Even if we hypothesize that everything said was true, a logical question arises – what are the monks who grab such amounts of money? If  there are such abnormally high tariffs, then they are not monks, but businessmen and can their prayer, in that case, help?
To my question if she had not felt suspicious at all, she replied:
But you do not understand – he told me where my husband worked, and how our house looked, and where we were at the sea and where we had a cottage and many other information he could not possibly know.
So did not it come to your mind that for the money that you started giving him, he could pay an organized team to explore all the details of you and your family. And after all, did not you tell me that he had told you all these key information only at the second meeting?
That’s right, but at the first meeting I knew about my hard living, worries and problems.
So who does not live hard nowadays? He was completely expected to say that since you would not have come to him if you had not had some problems.
Unfortunately, this is not the first such case I have heard. There are many frauds and organized crime around us.
Keep an eye on people, do not get used to manipulation. Realize that no one, but no one can use a magic wand to solve your problem. There is no miracle pill that removes sickness and worries and no one can take away the burden you carry. You are the only person to do that!
If you need help, the only right thing to do is learn how to find a place in your life-style system, how to solve the root cause of your problem and how to make it self-sufficient.
Do not believe those who claim to be able to solve your problems for you. Accept that your life is only and exclusively in your hands, that you are the one who holds your strings and routes your way. All of us can only support you, give advice and nothing more than that.
Trust yourself and your common sense. Consult with your friends, research well where you go for help, medication, therapy. Stay away from the psychic and the fortunetellers. Be well informed before you take the first step.
Keep in mind that every visit to such charlatans seriously disturbs your bio-field, takes away your energy and causes you huge damage.
Be careful!