Who Should You Blame?

Why do people live lives different from the one they want? Want? That means they have a desire. If they want it, it means it should happen to them, doesn`t it? At least some techniques promise that considering it’s enough to think only positively.

Do you really think that if you have a “red Ferrari, red Ferrari, red Ferrari” on the head of the winch, that you really will get it ?! You can chat for the next hundred years, invite and hope, but surely nothing is going to happen. Whoever says that, they are desperately misleading you! It’s just like you think you have solved the problem of an infected wound by putting a pink bandaid.

You’ve skipped the cause! Do not think now of all the distant causes I am talking to my clients at sessions, because you can hardly be alone at this time. Think about what is available to you, what is in front of your nose, and you do not notice.

People often say to me:

Why should I work on myself when others do not work? or

Why should I be the only one to put some effort? or

I’ve done enough, let someone else do it now!

Who do you compete with? Is it the reason that you “punish” someone because you are special or perhaps wiser, smarter, and the problem is always somewhere else, and never in your backyard. No, the problem is in you and it will always be just in you.

To keep it short, I do not philosophize too much: the problem is that you do not have the courage because it is easier for you to be in your congested safe zone and to sob and sneer over your bad destiny. As long as you blame it will be the same. As long as you do the same, you will be the same. Stop sobbing and look at the mirror. If you do not have the courage, you do not have it, and that’s fine, it’s all for people. Then leave a better life for those who have the courage, and you stay where you are!

Are you angry now? Do you feel our famous pride which is sometimes so inappropriate: ” I am not going to give up, even at least step”? On such nonsense you can only get the answer “So let it be your last step!” – it will be shown to you by the Universe.

You should understand that life is not the oasis where you are guaranteed a better life. There is no rule that it is enough just to be born, and everything is guaranteed to you. There is nothing here. This is a polygon where lessons are learned, and the outcome and what you will get in return is dependent from your engagement and level of lessons. Nothing falls from the sky, and there is nothing to do with it. Do not look for excuses in illness, a bad social position, a wrong country, or a politician, you realize that your life is only yours and there is only one person to be blamed in that game altogether with your laziness and cowardice.

If you do not have the courage to understand it and accept it, then suffer. However, there is no end in it, you do not have the right to behave in the way others will suffer because of you, you do not have the right for others to endure for you, you do not have the right to give false hope to others, you have no right to go away with your own will from this perfect life given to you only due to fact you do not notice anything of it. You are only managers of your life and you are given unlimited opportunities, but you are not its owner. The owner is the one who has given it to you – the owner is the source, God!

I know it’s cruel, but I am going to repeat my sentences- just look at the mirror and decide: if you are miserable , then let yourself be inferior and rotten, or recognize yourself in the chosen one and indulge in the splendor of this perfect life. There is room for everyone in this world and there is plenty of abundance for everyone, but there are few who are selected!

Only one who has found it inside is selected. Poor people, miserable people, those who have no courage, those who demand excuses, those who blame others for their failure, those who always miss something – there is no place for them!

There is no excuse! There is a commercial saying: either you are or not. There is no middle ground, there is no compromise in this!

It depends on you in which category you will be placed, whether your life will be full of joy, cheer and every plenitude, or will be full of problems, impotence and failure. Do not be worried that someone or something else is wrong. If this comes to your mind now, then you do not deserve better, then rotate, but then be honest, and leave them to live their lives in joy and happiness!

Before you condemn me, think about the category you are in!