Diversity, Chance & Opportunity

“What exactly is your method?” a woman with an odd bun on the top of her head asked me. She was sitting with her arms crossed over her chest, as in self-defence.
“It’s about a person, rather than the method. Most therapists get fascinated by a technique per se, leaving no room for interpreting individual root causes, because they can’t see the wood from the trees. The universe is complex, as is Man, and the correspondence between the two matters greatly. We need to understand our place in the world, our heritage, the lessons to be learnt, our own path. Once you know these, you can expect a life of peace and joy ahead.
ReiKEY is a beautiful technique that helps me along the journey.
What I would suggest to you is a comprehensive diagnostic treatment to get a broader picture, and put you into a context, so to speak. Everything will be easy after that. We need to identify the root causes of your conditions, see who you are, what have you brought with you, and where you are headed. There’s no technique or healer to help you without that.”
“I’ve heard you are a clairvoyant and a miracle maker.”
“Do I look like one to you?”
“Frankly, you look more like a DJ to me.”
People are searching for prophets only because they feel the urge to reveal details about their future. Destiny is not black and white, however, nothing in the world is; instead, there’s a broad spectre of colours, and each colour comes in different shades. That’s why we can’t rely on someone else’s psychic abilities, rather questionable at that, unless we understand who we are. Take your life in your hands, but you should learn how first.
It’s never an easy task having in mind all the circumstances, the mind and its wishes, the fears and problems that tend to disappear only to come back when we least expect them, but these are the challenges we all need to counter, along with the urgency to have everything now. This is a never-ending struggle for all of us.
“Are you saying that such profound diagnostics is possible without an instrument? Unless you really are clairvoyant?”
“Madam, Man is older than any instrument, and he already possesses everything he needs to find out everything about himself and others.”
As you work on yourself, your perception grows. You are narrowing room for rigidity, in any part of your life. Our frustrations, phobias and philias, they all disappear. You should always bear in mind your connection to a specific question about your life, and the condition that hides the answer. The ultimate rule, which applies on any spiritual skills is this: get rid of limitations and let the divine flow take you to the river of the universe. You should remember this every day, and aspire to it with every part of your being. To make it happen, we need to know the following:
Our life is like a clay pot that we begin to mould the moment our consciousness awakens. It consists of the solid clay and a fluid, etheric energy. The blend is soft at the beginning, and it’s the surroundings and parents that first shape the pot, setting the pace at which it hardens. It should harden gradually and proportionally. If we are overprotected, the pot remains soft for much too long, and therefore it deforms and deteriorates. The right moment to put it into the kiln of your own experience might be missed, and it hardens misshaped and flabby. If we throw it too soon into the fire of life circumstances, the pot hardens too quickly and can’t expand anymore. The phases of growth are very important: first comes physical growth, than the learning of fundamental life skills. This is the cornerstone for the next stage, where the quality grows on all levels, often transforming the previous.
Your clay pot needs to be nourished. In order for it to expand properly, you need to be flexible and careful while choosing the temperature. There are different clay pots, meant for different purposes. There’s no other like ours, they all differ, and it is precisely that diversity that the wealth of this world lies in. It doesn’t serve a mere ornamental purpose though; it’s a necessity of life as the clay pots complement each other.
“Your explanation is so complicated!” the woman complained.
“I’ve burdened your mind with a complicated explanation, because I wanted to release the bondages you’ve come here with. Your mind has opened up to accept the abundance of what I wanted to give to you. This is learning, the energy you need to invest to swing into action and get a result.
Do your best to understand me! I was taught that way, and that’s the way I teach you. The more energy we invest, the more we will get back. I am not saying that it’s the best way, but it’s the only one I believe is good. In my experience, it is also the one giving results.”
The woman didn’t understand me right away, but she did swing into action. She enrolled in pottery classes, and continued to think. I know she’ll make it.