Are We Ready Or Not?

I have just sent a message to the person who contacted me in order to make an appointment for our first diagnostic treatment. I apologized to her because of waiting and offered some of my available terms. The answer was: Shame on you, you left me waiting!

In this world of rushing and chasing, people think that they must get everything now and right away, right then when they intend to. Is that really possible?

There is an old wise Japanese story about a man who came to a wise teacher to help him find answers to his life questions and learn how to reach his own peace, rest and joy. The teacher listened to him and told him: “You will work in my garden for a year and then I’ll help you”. After a year, a man came to the teacher and said to him, “There has been a year of my service in your garden. Will you help me now?” The teacher said: “No, you have to work for one year more in my garden.” When a year more passed, the man let his questions and continued to work in his teacher`s garden without additional ask.

When the teacher saw this, he came to the man and said to him: “Now you are ready to do it. I will help you because you’ve learned a lesson of patience”.

I often get comments and questions if I punish my patients by not calling them. Sometimes I’m told that I’m unprofessional for postponing the term but with a great apology. I always say this: when you learn to respect what you are looking for and the person you are

seeking to help you, when you come to know patience as a basic life lesson, then you will

and get it.

I heard from one of the priests of the Moses religion that when someone comes with a wish to become the Jew, priests close the door for three times and take him off the threshold. This is not because they do not like people or not want to accept new believers, but to be sure of the intention of the one who comes.

People are often not sure of their intentions, nor in what they want. These are tourists in every aspect of life! They come to see, they play, and as soon as they feel they can face it by themselves or with something that can bring out their problems visually, they walk away. By time they only become arrogant and more lonely on this journey. I heard from a few people who visited the famous healer Lazarev, for whom I have immeasurable respect and appreciation, that he is very rough towards his patients and kicks them out with curses. They say that there is condition you read all his books and watch all the videos before visiting him. You might get the impression that he is conceited, but it’s not the point. He just protects those who really need help from those who lose his energy and have no firm intention.

I always give a chance because it is not in my nature to punish. I’m trying to help. Success we achieve together wipes off all insults. I do not need an apology, it’s enough to get a smile of the person I comforted.

To be honest, there are all kinds of people. One woman insulted me so hard for not being able to find a term for her with 24-hour notice just as she wanted because all terms had already been taken by other patients. If it had been a matter of life, I would certainly have received it.

As the old Japanese wisdom goes: We can stand cold tea and rice, but not cold look and rough words.

An immature person often knows what, but does not know how. Mature person not only knows what, but also knows how. Therefore, immature person criticizes, but mature one acts.

We should re-examine little bit deeper our motives before we go somewhere. If we did everything that was up to us, and it however prolonged – we should wait for it. We never know if we or the situation itself is mature for the next step. Do not forget the law of the universe:

The law of growth says that everything in this world has its own time of germination and growth. Let’s learn patience, because otherwise our evil part of the mind, our ego will try to fool us for some of its dark interests. If there is still anger or some other negative emotion then we are really on the wrong path. Nobody is responsible for us. We have condemned ourselves. If we commit a sin of insult with a bad intention, then we indeed start the mudding of our soul, and the response of our Divine Particle and the whole universe will be as much as our ego won`t like it.

There are wonderful people who are ready to wake up. Thanks God- much more than those of other kind. One lady responded to my message in which I apologize for being late:

No problem. As I said, it will be when it’s time for it. We should force it by no means. Something so important is valuable of waiting. Maybe I’ll be more prepared. Thank you anyway.

One wonderful Japanese saying goes: A kind word can warm you throughout the winter.