How To Start Learning

I don’t believe that God exists! – the young man who came to me to start learning ReiKey told me this.

I don’t believe it either. I know he exists! It’s your will to believe in something or not. Have you heard about that ancient saying: It’s foolish to say that God exists, but even more foolish he doesn’t?

In your texts and lectures you make people believe. I don’t believe God created me, religion is a lie for me. What are we going to do now?

Each of us is interested in the same riddle: who we are, where we are from, where we are headed… We are all looking for an explanation that will satisfy us. All world religions give the answer and the answer is good for many people, majority I dare say. If someone finds his peace in religion, let him do it, why do we even discuss?

Religion is a hoax! – the young man defended his opinion not even knowing from whom and why he did so.

I’m not religious either. I just see the Truth and I’m opening up myself to the Source. You can’t see the wood for the trees but the main tree in your way is your stubbornness. It’s such a pity for yourself first not to let your Spirit rise above you. However, whatever your ego says or imagines, you are closer to God than you think.

Sources for your way are not important. The prime way doesn`t matter either – it will change by time. Anyone who wants to find peace should always take a belief as a starting point. That belief doesn`t have to be only religion. The scientific way I firstly followed was based on a number of assumptions. These assumptions are the obvious truths that everyone somehow “sees” but it is difficult to prove them. In every segment of human experience there is an element of belief and, whether it is small or large, it is irreplaceable. The truth is what you believe is the truth. Each person eventually follows the way that suits them. If they find what they want- then the way is true for them. We all strive for calmness, but there are also different levels of it. Some people strive for a little bit of calmness, some look for their pleasure and satisfaction in religion. Some people need more of it- not just peace of mind, but also a great peace that brings the plentiful spirit with itself. For the latter, the religion we experience nowadays can only be the starting point. Learning process is the only thing which is above religion.

Belief is essential for religion, but it ceases to be important for those who take a step further and achieve self-knowledge in God. Then a person no longer believes, not because of leaving the faith, but because of seeing it. There is no more need to believe, the Truth becomes obvious.

All right, do you have any prayer to give me to make me believe it? – he asked, unconscious of his slowly opening to me.

Prayer is superfluous when a person is in direct communication with God. In that situation, the person possesses knowledge. Prayer helps those who strive for that communication and haven`t achieved it. Yet, even in this case, prayer is not irreplaceable. There are other ways to get to God, too. Studying various beliefs or intellectual contemplation is one of the best and most effective ways. Not all people are capable of it.

Give me that knowledge! – I saw him losing his patience.

Demanding knowledge only shows the ignorance and stubbornness of the students. In your case it may be more than that- you are daring.

So will you give me any normal answer?- he was on the verge of his patience.

I give answers to those who come and want to be students, but only to those who are not there just to satisfy their curiosity docks.

He kept silent for a long time and looked straight at me. I was patient because I knew it was the key moment in giving the hand of a man who I believed to be extremely clever for. It was an unusual long silence. Anyone else would interrupt it with some story, but I knew I shouldn`t do it. I waited for him as the fall of the grass was waiting for the Sun after rain. I knew the entire universe would appear once he cheered up. I knew that life and extreme potential were pulsing in every bit of his life. Then suddenly:

OK, you win, I understand. No matter how hard it is, I will wait as long as it takes to have you as my spiritual master.

The seeker should seek his own way with the help of his spiritual master. Without this leadership the person would be in danger of being immovable. However, the master`s task is primarily to put the seeker into his deepest self. Sometimes it can be rather cruel not because of the master, but because of ego of the one who wants to change something in life. Let your starting point be belief in yourself!

To my great surprise, he endured all my traps, resisted all my tests and slowly opened up fr everything I unselfishly gave him. I`m so proud of him. I hope he won`t recognize himself in this text because I don`t want him to become conceited.