How to Be Present Now?

I read somewhere that time is the greatest serial killer since we are completely occupied with its passage. In that obsession, we forget that the only thing that matters at the present moment is that. We forget that everything we have and what is worth living just and now is here. Our mind is responsible for the fact that our focus is always somewhere there, in the past or in the future, with concerns or desires.

I have said a few times and wrote that the key thing in mastering my own life is the present moment. Often people think that they are in the present moment and at the same time they are thinking about many other things.

Do you walk along the street, knowing everything about yourself or diving into your thoughts, concerns, and intentions? Are you at the concert allowed to enjoy or photograph an event, posting story on Instagram or posting on Facebook? Do you at the moment when you are alone, occupy yourself with social networks on your mobile phone or sit quietly and enjoy the moment you are?

Life at the present moment implies that we do not react, impulsively and unconsciously, but to respond to the present moment, here and now, without projection. This will not help us attempt to rationalize and analyze events, because blocked energy is solved at the energy level.

For starters it is only necessary to learn how to be present in the silence of the present moment. Let’s not be afraid to stay with ourselves. To try to be free from everything we imposed on ourselves in the pursuit of survival. You just need to learn to pass through yourself what is happening in the present moment. Learn how not to seek miraculous healing processes, but to become the process of the present moment.

To begin with, here is a concrete proposal – meditation of silence:

Find a comfortable position, relax your body and then begin to consciously breathe. Focus only on breathing, when you find some thoughts, just eliminate them by concentrating on breathing. Do not bind to thoughts, just let it flow.

Ošo said: as you do not touch the drops in the flowing river while you watch it, let it go and think that they are flowing, do not engage in them.

Then try focusing only on the moment you are, for the present moment. There is nothing else, neither the past with its concerns, nor the future with its anxieties. Try to be like in a capsule of the present in which there is nothing but you and the moment in which you are. Through this capsule cannot penetrate any thoughts, either yours because they do not exist, or someone else because they are not interested in you.

Since you have decided to be in the present moment, without thinking from the past and the future, try to listen to your body, listen to your breath. Get deeper and deeper with every new breath and breath. With each passing, you are more relaxed, your body is deeper in relaxation. With each breath in your body comes the light that fills each of your cells. Your cells are brightly filled with life energy. There is no restlessness, fear, anxiety, anticipation, worry. It’s gone. There is only the present moment.

You are fully aware that in your capsule of the present there is nothing but yours and life energy. Everything has gone wrong and its place is filled only with the benefits that belong to you. This fact reinforces you because there is nothing that takes away your energy. It strengthens all your defense mechanisms. You dominate your master and nobody’s servants, no fear, no other’s thoughts or intentions, but only your own.

In this complete presence at the present moment your energy becomes one with the universe and God. Continue to breathe with the knowledge that there is nothing but the present moment to which you are left and in which you enjoy it because you are at home. Stay in the meditation of silence as you please.

At first, it will be difficult for you to get out of your mind, but the more you try, it will be easier for you to take full control of them.

Later, this moment of peace can be brought out of your meditation of silence, you can restore it and keep it at any other time during the day. This condition can be your good base for everyone.

Get rid of all techniques and rituals. Become the moment in which you will also see how much you will strengthen in every sense of your existence.