Western Medicine – Kill or Cure?

In one of my lectures, a man asked:

What is going on with conventional medicine and modern treatments?

In order to give him a vivid answer, I told him an old story:

A horseman galloping by, asked a peasant:

“Can you show me the way to the city so-and-so?”

“Yes, but you are not riding in the right direction!” the peasant tried to warn him.

“It doesn’t matter, I have an excellent horse.”

“No, really, you should turn around and take another direction,” the peasant was still trying to talk some sense into the dashing horseman.

“It doesn’t matter, I have food supplies, I won’t be hungry for many days…”

The point is clear:

The better the horse, the larger the food supply, the further form your goal you’ll get. The same goes for the triumphs of modern medicine: the more significant the “triumph,” the more suspicious the results. Likewise, the greater the achievements in diagnostics, the further away from the cause the traditional medicine goes.

The problem lies in the basic postulate: The consequence is not the target, the cause is!

It’s a deep-rooted belief that the immune system is the ultimate defence against diseases. It often appears to me that it’s marketing agencies that came up with the idea, having been hired by the producers of a miracle concoction, promising to improve your failing health for money.

Can money buy health? If it can, you can sell your health, too! Either way, it’s perfect for short-sighted, lazy people, who believe that a pill can solve all their problems, or postpone the moment for them to face themselves and the problems they have forced upon themselves.

This story is not a pleasant one. Some may ask why the wolf eats a little fawn? Because, sadly, it’s only natural! I do apologise for the brutality, but, honestly, who wants to take the life in their hands? Once they have been made fully aware of everything, who, in fact, wants to learn all the lessons, and try to accept them with gratitude, as a new chance in life? Frankly, a few.

We tend to forget a simple truth: spirit, soul and body are an inseparable unity. Sub-consciousness and consciousness create one single energy field, and the physical body is what varies, in opposition to the energy field. A higher system to protect an organism will protect the spiritual structures first. When an organism is faced with a simple task – to survive – what it needs most is the spiritual structures connecting us to the Universe, that is, God.

Didn’t you, too, try to cure the body as a doctor? a woman asked at that same lecture.

Understanding the human being as a physical body creates a one-track school of thought in modern medicine. Remove the failing organ, cleanse, eliminate, starve out – these are the basic treatment methods. If a person were not more than a body, this would have been the right procedure, but there’s also the energy field, more important than the body. What we are, madam, is more than fits between the hat and the shoes.

The laws of the human spirit are at the same time the laws of the body, it’s just that there are only loose ties between them. These laws are as much integral as they are conflicting. Consequently, when medicine intrudes into the energy field and the domain of the soul, acting upon the body (by removing, stitching, etc.), it deforms the spiritual structures, slightly at first, but very seriously in time.

And the logic behind it all is….? asked the gentleman from the beginning of the story.

The logic of those treating the body is to “treat” first, and only then to analyse the cause. The logic of spirit, which is also my logic, is to analyse first, and then act.

I’m farsighted, and have scheduled a surgery. Isn’t it logical to solve the problem in a routine procedure? the man went on.

I asked him to come to me, and examined him right there, in front of the audience. Then I said to him:

It’s perfectly logical to you to solve your problem by surgery. You call it a routine procedure. Have you ever asked yourself why the problem occurred in the first place? Had you analysed your situation before it occurred? The cause of your farsightedness is a deformity to the energy field structure in the area of your head, caused by the feeling of hatred in your energy field. The deformed structure will not go away after the surgery. Quite the contrary, it will continue its demolishing crusade elsewhere in the energy field, switching to other organs or going after your soul.

If I were you, I would first deal with the hatred eating you away.

If we try to cure our souls, and understand our mistakes,

If we deal with the cause of the problem and

If we try to change our souls somewhat,

That’s the right path to healing!

Let me make myself clear: mainstream medicine comes first when it’s necessary – when there’s no time to analyse the cause, that is, when you are driven into a corner. When, say, there’s a serious infection, you need to take antibiotics; you treat appendicitis with appendectomy, of course. Having no choice makes it easier, you just do what has to be done. When everything’s over, however, by all means analyse, identify your mistakes. Don’t just leave everything as it was, thinking that it was the drugs or the surgery that had solved the problem for you. They just gave you some more time to pinpoint the cause, but remember, it won’t last forever.

If you don’t detect the cause, the illness may just switch to another organ, or fate, affecting the mental state, your future lives or even your children. The illness cannot be cured without a spiritual change.

As a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Medicine, how come you don’t use conventional medicine in a hospital? another lady in the audience asked.

Here’s a story to answer your question: God brought people together to inflict divine punishments, punishing the doctor most severely. “Why me? I’m a doctor, helping people, saving them from suffering!”

God answered: “Because I send disease to people to help them understand and learn their lessons, and you are standing in my way.”

Focused primarily on the physical body, medicine has drifted apart from its mission – to treat the human being. Luckily, physics provided evidence that has given birth to new branches of medicine, promoting connections between the mind and body, explaining that the cause doesn’t lie in the body, but rather in the mind. We are not the body with a soul, but the soul that owns this body temporarily, using it only as a training ground to show us where we go wrong. This is part of my doctoral thesis. The Man is spirit and energy field first, then the body.

As soon as we accept the illness as a brake preventing spiritual degeneration, and deal with the cause, the illness will disappear. If we accept the illness as evil, our struggle will be degraded to removing the cause from one place to another. Such a struggle will only make healing an ever more distant prospect.