Green Food Is an Ally of the Soul

After the previous text where I first wrote about food, I received a number of messages from you where you identify with my views and ask me to continue writing on the subject. Although my dealings with people are not on this topic, I decided to share with you some of the knowledge I gained from taking care of my diet.

At the outset, I would like to emphasize once again that, for our health, it is crucial: in the first place, dealing with ourselves in the sense that our thoughts, emotions and actions are healthy. Following this, a healthy approach to food can be helpful in the healing process.

I repeat, it is not enough to deal with one’s spirituality and to eat foods full of pesticides, as well as an absolute commitment to healthy eating principles while the mind is occupied with bad thoughts, emotions and life with bad deeds.

For centuries, scientific advances, which have been designed to “improve” the quality of life of humans, have subsequently done much worse. Industrialization, medical diagnostic tools, advanced soil cultivation techniques, food modification, have done more harm than good.

My dad used to tell me that when he was a kid in the country he picked fruits and vegetables and ate them on the spot unwashed. Do it today if you dare! I heard from an elderly gentleman that when he was little, when he was injured playing barefoot football he would just dip his finger in the dust and everything would go. It seems inconceivable to us nowadays, we would get some serious infection.

To put it simply, everything has got a lot dirtier even though we are in an era of advancement and refined modern technology.

The first thing to pay attention to when deciding to deal with the principles of food as a cure is: is our health impaired by external influences and only then how does food affect us.

Many say that genes are crucial in transmitting disease or at least predisposing to it. In my opinion, this is a wrong concept. Like the belief that autoimmune disease is a case of the body attacking itself.

So which body attacks itself?

I believe that our body and mind are much more intelligent than some pretty limited theories of today think. The body never attacks itself! Systems in the body attack pathogens that enter the body and not themselves. This theory only hides the inability to find the true cause, that is, to understand the complexity and impact of the mind and the truth that our body is only the polygon of our mind.

In addition, I am reminded – we ourselves are responsible for creating disease, by the activity of our mind at the level of thought, emotion and action. Then, a weakened body is also adversely affected by several other factors. The first factor is the pollution of the environment in which we live and the land on which our food grows. The second is the inheritance of pollution.

The truth is, unfortunately, we get not only ancestors’ facial features or similarities, but also heavy metals, radiation, information from various pathogens and other toxins such as pesticides that they have brought in through food, water or air. This is where food can be our cure!

The most important thing to know is that it is always possible to reduce exposure to negative factors and help your body with food. It is possible to detoxify and with life-changing foods you can heal and protect yourself from future illnesses.

I will not address whether or not to eat meat, whether it is healthier to be vegetarian, vegan or to live in a macrobiotic regime because I do not have enough knowledge about it and I am a supporter of moderation and common sense. I will write a few food insights that were very important to me or how food can be a cure for us.

In this text I will deal with green vegetables.

You must have heard that freshly squeezed celery juice is one of the best healing tonics of all time. This is because consuming this vegetable is the best way to alkalize the intestines and expel toxic acids generated by the metabolism process, as it is rich in bio-active sodium, which is ideal for cleansing and restoring the intestinal mucosa. Also, this beautiful vegetable is one of the most powerful fighters against inflammation because it starves harmful bacteria, fungi and other pathogens that are present in the body and eliminates their toxins and impurities from the intestinal tract and liver. These pathogens are often a key cause of inflammation. At the same time, celery helps good bacteria develop.

Something that people often avoid in their diet and which is immensely beneficial to our health is leafy vegetables. These vegetables, when eaten, massage the mucous membranes of the stomach and our intestines, releasing us from all the pathogens that otherwise accumulate there. Digestive tract health is the basis of all health. Many of you often say that they do not eat green leafy vegetables because it causes them discomfort after consumption. This is actually because the fibres from these vegetables do their job of cleaning. Let them do it!

What was most interesting to me was the fact that kale in its folds has natural probiotics that, unlike pharmaceutical probiotic preparations, can survive the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and reach the intestines where they need to settle and help our health.

Leafy vegetables also help to create a more basic environment, and you know all that the acidic environment in the body is due to the multitude of chemicals, acids, pesticides, heavy metals and pathogens that constantly penetrate our body, the main factor in the emergence of some serious diseases.

I do not know if you knew that leafy vegetables have the most bioavailable proteins that our body needs.

Cabbage family is extremely beneficial for our thyroid because it draws out radiation. Now some of you think: Where did the radiation come from? Well, you’ve been to the X-ray at least once and ask yourself a little about how much radiation you absorb daily. I won’t even talk about inherited radiation. Cabbages are also the perfect virus shield.

Broccoli helps the whole immune system because it is an exceptional multivitamin for the whole body.

Kale and its anti-inflammatory compound help fight the virus, its bioavailable phytochemicals stimulate cell growth and the production of healthy, new connective tissue.

Cauliflower helps the endocrine system suppress viruses.

Brussels sprout cleanses the liver and other dense sponge organs such as the spleen, purifies the blood, lowers the bad and increases good cholesterol.

Sour cabbage has strong antibacterial properties. It is the perfect antibiotic.

Germs are a treasure of nature! They are most powerful for the vitality of our entire body. They help our brain by enriching its amino acids and enzymes, extracting toxic heavy metals from the brain, thus restoring and strengthening neurons. Fighting infections and unwanted growth of cancer cells are exceptional.

Did you know that cucumber is an exceptional toxin cleaner that we are constantly exposed to from bad foods? It helps the process of digesting protein so you can make the most of what we eat. Not to mention that fresh cucumber juice is the most powerful rejuvenating agent.

Eat as much green as possible and help your body stay healthy. Before that, address the activities of your mind and your own position in the coordinate system of your life.