How To Understand the Call of the Soul

Are you going through a period of your life when you do not feel the purpose and meaning of what you are doing? Are you feeling like you live a life you have never wanted? Are you feeling anxiety that has no focus?

It is your soul calling you, and you do not notice!

When we experience this lack of meaning or purpose, we can feel unmotivated, without the energy we need to do even the things that should be important to us. For example, one of my clients lived a life completely devoted to her family and never paid attention to her needs or gave herself time. By time, she lost contact with her family due to her own anxiety and loss of will, though she endlessly wanted to continue giving her family everything she had done before. Talking to her made her realize that if she wanted to find herself without anxiety, with the will to live, she needed to hear the voice of her soul and connect with it, to restore a sense of purpose in her own life.

Does it happen to you that different people or situations convey the same message that you do not like? Forms are one of your soul’s favourite tools to point you to something you ignore. Often, people and situations in our lives resonate with our soul and serve as its messengers that are important to our getting out of the jam.

Do you recognize the pattern in the challenges that are repeated in your life that you face? Do you feel stuck in them?

It’s your soul’s call!

I had a client who ignored his talent for painting, because in the society he came from – it was not a call for men. He was trying to find a job in various positions that were expected by others, more masculine but in vain. As time went on, he grew more desperate and desperate. The pattern was repeated – sending a CV, talking, waiting, hoping, not getting a job. He was stuck and it was choking him.

When we were able to reach the cause and when he was able to hear his soul, it was quite by chance that his brother’s friend came to his home, saw drawings on the nightstand and hired him as an illustrator at an advertising company.

Did you have a passion, something that really excited you, but thinking about it was too difficult for you and therefore did not have the courage to make room for it in your life?

Passion is one of the favourite tools that the soul uses to invite us!

One client wrote very well as a child, but stopped doing it when she grew up, because she believed that she had nothing to say and what she might want to write – she thought it was stupid and that it would not be interesting to anyone. Fear can make us create countless unfounded excuses so that we cannot enjoy our passion. But if you pause and think for a moment about your passion, you will realize that it is actually healing for your being, it is something that nourishes your soul. The aforementioned client tried to find a balance in her marriage and business, but our conversations helped her realize that she would find the balance she sought only if she found the courage to feed her soul and respond to its calling through her passion for writing.

Does your life continue to push you in a direction you are not inclined to go? The soul uses synchronization to facilitate our understanding or to cast us into what nourishes it.

Recognizing our soul, allowing it to be realized and being part of our lives is the first step for each of us. It takes strength and courage to face what our soul is asking of us, because so often we are asked to get out of the comfort zone, out of what we know. It is a healing process, exciting as an adventure full of the unknown that pulls us forward into a path that only our soul can cut. It fills our lives with meaning and depth and leads us to live an authentic life.

You don’t have to do this alone without support. Find the strength, courage and support you need to recognize and respond to your soul’s call. This can be helped by some dear person who is beside you who you may not notice, do not understand maybe angry at their reminder of what your soul wants.