Is every step correct?

That is the question that we all set ourselves and, most of all, those who deal with other fates and lives.

I went to a well deserved vacation, all happy to have more time for myself. And then, like a thunderbolt from the sky, a couple of text messages threatened that my dream of rest breaks down and turns into hell. I got a threat that a certain person would report me to the police and wait for me personally in the dark, because of my work!

Namely, one woman who was in the conversation with me after a while received some psychological distress. Then, like a year before, I was very pleased, but when all of this happened we were not in contact. All of her alarms started on her neighbors. They met something that was unknown to them. In our nation, as soon as the picture of the expected psychological condition is impaired, there is collapse and the maximum difficulty in the situation of a person with a problem due to attempts to “return to normal” in home work by the closest ones. In this case, a severe condemnation of the concerned lady by her family occurred, which certainly affected the deterioration of her condition.

Since I had not been in contact before with that particular lady, who was not even answering me now, I insisted with her neighbors who threatened me to seek the help of a doctor in the appropriate institution as soon as possible.

Reiki can not cause any physical and mental illness. Reiki is a method of improving health through positive thoughts, changing life habits and living in positive energy. In the event of any health problems, I insist that a doctor’s advice be sought!

As far as I understood, it was a psychosis that manifested itself unexpectedly terribly for them as medical laymen. On the expert side, this was not a difficult and unsolved case, provided they sought help at the appropriate medical facility.

I was a sacrificial goat who should have been crucified, although on all of my Internet profiles it is clear that what I deal with is not a method of treatment, that it is not a substitute for classical medicine, and that all health problems should be addressed to a doctor. But I understood and I did not blame them for it, the help was in the first place.

Any attempt to justify this kind of situation can only be the refueling of oil so I did not even try. There was no place for defense here, just for trying to help. As far as possible, through the person who was only available for contact, I gave advice that was in my power. I was thinking about my lesson and he realized it.

They were fortunate enough to seek medical help.

At the beginning of my journey, I realized that he would be thorny and not so pleasant, but also that he was my mission and the reason I am here. There will also be many temptations and obstacles. Of the hundreds of people I’ve talked with and shared their beliefs with to help them, this is really a frustrating case of turning people into the near-hearted people who were close to the person I communicated with. These people were not guilty, they were afraid of the primal reactions of attacks that were actually self-defense from ignorance and cry for help. There are far more people who understand the power of genuine family support and the importance of joint participation in the problem-solving process. Luckily, my family mostly comes with families willing to understand the situation and help with their support.

What I often say to my students is that everyone in the life occupies the place that belongs to him and for which he has to fight and that is actually the place he deserves. There is no coincidence, and every situation in life is only an opportunity for new insights and advancement, not for paralysis and regression.

There must be no compassion in our work because it is humiliating. We must keep in mind that sincere goodness is helpless and love is sometimes blind. Only sincere compassion and sober presence in the problem can provide healthy access, advice and help.

Our clients have a choice whether to be good or bad in life because everything depends on the moment, on the environment, from what happened one day earlier. We can not dissuade them. While our choice must always be on the side of understanding and goodness. That’s why it’s easy to help them, because even the worst villains are easy to point to good work. Going to the dusk of life gives them strength and they float between their own darkness and light. That is why we must always be in the light so that they can be comforted and hoped for a better awakening.

For a long time I was struggling with the question of where the boundary is, and what is the difference between me and a deceiver who calls himself a healer, whose title has now been hung around my neck. That question will always exist, even now that I am a doctor of medical science. Now this question is spoken out loud and in the future it will probably exist in thoughts. It’s called responsibility. It never passes because there is responsibility for everyone we are trying to help. The people who made me to question myself do not ask these questions.

Often I say to students: if you wanted to get away from this troubling question then you picked the wrong side. And this responsibility gives the answer to this question – in the dark there are those who deal exclusively with their own interests and they are not questioned, and in the light are those who are trying to contribute to the collective good and they constantly check themselves.

In the light we will never get rid of the question of whether each step is correct, but what I know is that we should never stop walking that way.

I chose my side and what I wanted, and temptations and attempts to attack will always exist. These attacks are just a cry for the help of lost souls and I will always help them. This is the price of this choice and I do not reckon because of that, I am already encouraged in my intention to help people.

Before I wrote this text, a message from a sister of a woman who had psychic problems had arrived to tell me that she knew that Reiki was not the reason for her sisters, because she also helped her personally. The reason for this was the family legacy debate. She hoped that this would be understood by the sister of the spouse who sent threats. I wish them every good …