The Cause Is Often Found In Unexpected Places

I have met a woman who has heard about me through the blog. At first glance, she was young, healthy and, in all likelihood, a successful woman. She was a mathematician, she had one child and a successful marriage. She contacted me for health problems: she had lupus and several spontaneous miscarriages in later pregnancy before and after the only child she gave birth to. According to her, the coincidence allowed the child to be born. Her question was to continue with attempts to get a child or to give up, as she was likely to have major problems. The case was very interesting and unusual. I suspected the problem was much deeper than she thought. My suspicion was on her previous life.

Many researches say that reincarnation is the process by which the most beautiful part of person appears on earth during different periods of time and in the body of various people. This immortal part of the human being, moving from body to body, is most often called Divine Being or Higher Me, and it is out of time and space context. Since the Divine being resides outside the temporal dimension, it must create a body carrier to experience the above category. Real You was born much earlier.

The physical body is subject to the influence of material laws, it is old and dying, while the Higher Me returns to timeless spheres. In these higher areas, the experience that the Higher Me is brought about by incarnation is evaluated and integrated into the essential structure that is part of the overall development of that soul. Then Higher Me selects the type of experience that it needs to further develop and begin to create a new network of conditions in order to connect with the appropriate body carrier. In this way, the Divine Being will continue the series of incarnations to experience calm through mastering and teaching lessons.

This is where the karmic law ends. During each incarnation, every work has its own effect. If we do well, we will be ennobled, if we do a bad job, we must correct it in this or the next life. The universe impartially registers works with all their consequences. It’s about vibrations, so our works are coming back like a boomerang.

I asked this woman to do a diagnostic treatment. After that my suspicion was confirmed. I found that the cause of her problem was placed in her previous life. In her life before this, she was a wealthy woman, apparently dealing with trade. She did not have a husband at that time because she did not have time for her family. She got pregnant by accident, she found out late when she could no longer stop her pregnancy, so she gave birth to a girl. Because of her own anxiety and the lack of a desire to deal with her family, she raised the girl as her slave-she served her only for constant maltreatment. The child was completely parasitic about her and lived in constant fear. Because of all other superb activities and bad deeds, this woman died relatively young in that life because the universe saved her soul from further bad deeds. She left the girl completely unprepared for her independent life. It was the last sin of many which remained unwritten lessons.

Many physical and mental illnesses, as well as irrational behaviour in certain situations, often have their roots in previous incarnations. By raising them through various regressive therapeutic methods, these contents are connected with the conscious self, emotionally experienced and considered, so in this way they lose their influence on the personality.

The woman who was in my office in this life, due to all the mistakes she had made in the previous one, had to learn certain lessons. The basic lesson was to learn how to lose a child for the abuse she had inflicted in her previous life. Since her soul in the phase of life realized that she made mistakes and repented, she managed to get one child with great problems, but through the entire process she had suffered a lot. Lupus and other autoimmune health problems which she was facing with, were part of the lesson. They entered very turbulent phases just in her fertile days and in the days when pregnancy was happening, so that the chance of giving birth to the child was maximally reduced and increased to the loss of fetus. She lost her unborn children to feel the pain and the child she was getting was supposed to check the learned lesson of care.

Everything I told her about and the way I showed was to make her conscious mind become a personality witness that is different from that of this life and the essence of the lessons that should be learned. By understanding all this, it creates a possibility for learning on errors, living experiences and obtaining data for the purpose of personal advancement.

Everything she learned on this path did not appear randomly, but in proportion to the readiness and maturity of her as an individual to incorporate it among her experiences. There is a principle that everybody is given a burden that they can bear. It is thought that people gradually revive those memories that they use in the present incarnation, so that they can accomplish their karmic tasks. This learning process requires a person to try to emotionally accept experiences from previous lives, and to associate them with the present.

Her solution to the problem was, first of all, understanding of her own mistakes and lessons. Then, cleansing everything done from a previous life, i.e. facing a mother from a previous life with a child from a previous life and correcting mistakes. As the most important, understanding of the soul’s call and initiation in the right direction.

She learned her lesson. She was an immensely caring and good mother.

Speaking of destiny, her daughter from this life was the same child of her former life. Because of the suffering that the child had experienced and the lessons learned after mother’s death, the girl was born at a higher level of consciousness, which is now reflected in her clearness and every kind of progress, as well as the very early autonomy.

Learned lessons bring us peace, healing, and open us to every joy and blessings of this life. It’s worth it to make an effort.