Getting Your Soul Dirty Can’t Be Forgiven

We learned that work on ourselves is necessary, complex action, and we shifted the boundaries from mere survival to spirituality. Suddenly there are countless holistic centers offering meditation packages, yoga and Latino-American dances in one, which speeds up the liberation from the suffers from this world.  Everyone is talking about spirituality, everyone is taking up something. I guess that’s good too, as far as we are not concerned for our clothing and diet.
Everybody introduces an alternative method to their treatment, which is good, but they do not know that this path carries its disease and it is much more dangerous if it goes to the extreme. Everybody would go now and at this moment, but that spiritual transformation can not be achieved quickly and in one session of something.

Now all people started dividing themselves into spiritual and non-spiritual ones. I’m not sure that I understand both of them, but I will try to explain my vision of the traps of these first ones, since these others do not understand me at all. I’m writing this from my personal experience. I was fortunate enough to experience them through my high school education and many of them I have met on my personal life path as I meet them nowadays and also help them in their process of healing.
Our desire to develop and spiritually advance is not always pure and true, it often has lower motives in it. It often has hidden aspirations to be loved, to belong to a group that we think is special or accepted, the desire to be different, special, the best. Sometimes it was through the worship of some rock group and now through spiritual learning, many of which came from marketing workshops.
Suddenly everybody is enlightened or at least masters of everything. We are witnessing countless new techniques and healers. The problem is not how these teachers are taught, the problem is that they are portrayed as spiritual masters. Without experience and knowledge, these new teachers hold a course and guarantee enlightenment, and then others are immediately ready to enlighten the next generation in the same style.
Sometimes I understand the fear of those who are against, but I still think that their viewpoint is bad because there is a saying: who sees through the ass only sees shit.
And everyone started doing something “spiritual”.
First you can see those who behave like tourists.These are the ones who have an appointment to a miracle worker, a healer or a spiritual master once a day. If someone says something clever to them, they do not pay some special attention to it, but as fast as possible make an appointment with some else. At the beginning, this is mostly just a desire to hear a nice word about yourself, feed the ego and gather material for chatting sessions with friends about your own specialty, differentities and so on. The next step in this spiritual tourism is the flashes of any techniques that need to support a personal peculiarity, but that lasts for very short period of timr, especially if something has to be learned. If it could be done immediately without a homework, instant enlightenment, it would be great. It’s still not terrible situation although they wasted some time.
It is followed by a breakthrough and a phase filled with thinking that we are spiritual if we dress and behave the way we imagine that it is done by spiritual people. A look lost in the distance and turban on the head and some more strange accessories – everything in order to look like some sage on the picture. Three days of vegetarian experience and there – we are already spiritual.
Then we realize that we gain nothing from posing and there is no more healer with whom we could make an appointment and we start feeling little embarrassed, because we are shocked by the fact we still have not become special ones.
When facing obstacles in the path of spiritual growth, it is easy to fall into despair, begin to underestimate ourselves and lose confidence in the rightness of the way. At this stage, either we give up everything or start something to learn. We generally start with a couple of multi-hours courses, we hug each others a little bit there, learn a few random words and we possibly get some script that someone said or some good quotes that can make some impression on people that surround us. And here it is, we have a package for the first spiritual help.
After that there is the next phase when we have already spent a little time with some technique that has been shown to us and then the ego already begins to identify itself with spiritual experience and attributes it to itself. We begin to believe that we have mastered all the knowledge of the world. In most cases, this condition does not last long. But in people who consider themselves to be enlightened and spiritual teachers, it is maintained for a long time. We are already immune to any suggestion, new knowledge, researches of any kind. At this point, even though we have made some step on the spiritual path, our growth is terminated.
A phase of specialty comes. At this stage, a person already has some experience and works with some practice. At this moment, behind this person, there are many other spiritual practices in which he could not reach the desired level because it took more time for that. Often, because of the lack of results here, they come up with their own techniques, because any other is not good enough. There is the main maxima: it is better to be the first in something fictional new than without results in something that already exists. There is also a belief in reaching “height,” because of the lack of experience, so that ego appears spontaneously. At this stage there are also those who believe that they are better and wiser than others, that they are above everyone else because they go on a special spiritual path. There is already a serious idea of the chosen ones or belonging to a particular group of chosen ones.
In the end there comes the worst state and that is the belief in reaching the highest level, enlightenment, divine nature. It is a belief in attaining the goal of the spiritual path. This condition is very dangerous because it can be fatal in the soul. Spiritual progress is ending in this phase and the soul is condemned to ruin. Here we can find the state of the undisputed ego at its peak and self-defence is like serious psychiatric illnesses.
Although the trend is to be spiritual even if the essence of this condition is not understood, be careful. Do not trust anyone, explore, learn, but have common sense.
Believe in God and do not think for yourself that you are above him. If you start wandering or start to see scenes from films in the real world, hear some voices or feel unexplained states please contact a doctor or expert.
Be careful, getting your soul dirty can’t be forgiven.