How to Jump-Start the Process of Creation

There is a line of thought stretching through the comments on my blog: It all sounds very nice in theory, but life is much harder in practice! I couldn’t help but respond to one of those: “Life is actually really simple.” Whatever one might find difficult in life comes from our laziness, along with our inborn proclivity to take the path of least resistance. Admittedly it is not easy to harness the ego whispering in our ear that anything that’s good for us is hard.

Do you know yourself?

Of course I do, you may say. I’m 180 centimetres tall, I have brown hair, love nature and sweets, and enjoy coffee with friends…

Yes, that’s what you look like, and we now know more about your habits, too, but – Who are you, really?

You are describing your physical appearance, but the True You is rather energy and energy vibration than the physical being you can see in the mirror. Only when you realise that you are an energy being, you’ll be able to grasp your own essence. When that happens, and that’s a truly happy moment we should all aspire to, you’ll be able to live this life, in this body, as you should, genuinely enjoying it.

While watching the world around you, you are capturing its physical characteristics and it’s easy for you to be overwhelmed with the works of your energy, neglecting the essence that deserves all the credit.

If you discover your essence and understand properly a cause-and-effect relationship, your life will become a joy-filled journey. Otherwise, you’ll condemn yourself to prolonged periods of drought, and the odd moment of fleeting pleasure in what you really want.

When people come to me, the FIRST thing I tell them is that I can help them only if they are flexible and ready to change. Only after do I tell them that their existence didn’t start as recently as they might think – at the moment of their birth in this life – but that it’s rather a continuation from what they had been and done since time immemorial. These are the two realisations they need to live this life in a broader context, and find happiness in the present moment.

You have to understand that you may not be living a life of joy and serenity only because you are split into two entities, which you are not even aware of. One you can see in the mirror, and that’s the picture of your ego, while the other is your essence, it’s who you really are, the picture of your soul.

The ultimate goal is to make a conscious connection between what you know as yourself in this body, and what you really are. That’s the path leading to harmony in this life, and to understanding why we are here.

The next component, also very important, is to recognise your own values. It’s fairly easy to do if you feel truly connected to the inner you. In other words, if you don’t realise who you really are, you won’t be able to establish energy balance with your true self, which will trigger ego challenges and self-recrimination over why you are not enough of this or that. This is a game you’ll lose, inevitably.

At one of my lectures I dared people to try to discover the core of disconnection from themselves. The reasons they gave me? Most of them lived the lives worthy only of other people’s praise, adjusted their behaviour to fit into their world, compared themselves with others and tried very hard to be someone else.

The point is that you are unique; you can’t be anyone else.

“That’s all very clear to me, but how do I begin that adventure of yours?” a woman asked me at the same lecture.

“Thoughts are the key. Use them to reconnect with yourself. Your thoughts shape your reality. To begin with, watch something that you think is beautiful, as that will guide you towards harmony and beauty, in which to submerge your mind. Fill the space around you with good thoughts, instead of unpleasant, anxious ones.”

“How can I do that when I have so many worries and fears? My reality is completely different.”

“Transform your thoughts! Your thoughts are your essence, and your strength. When you think about something, the energy contents of your thoughts become an active part of your essence, and the object of your attention shifts towards you. Most people do not understand that thinking about something invokes the essence of that “something.” The realisation should comfort you, because you have nothing to be afraid of. Nothing can come unless you invoke it. Use it to your own advantage – you now know that you can attract anything you want. Absolutely everything depends on you!”

“How does that work? How can I turn my thoughts positive?”

“Every thought has its frequency. Once activated, it attracts others with the coinciding frequency, and it’s easier for us to think about it. At the beginning, “mechanical” positive thinking is good enough, as it will turn spontaneous in time. The ego will try very hard to discourage you, but you should only get your focus back onto the activated thought until it becomes dominant. The law of attraction is there to make it easier for you. Evidence that the process works will appear soon, so don’t give up! The repetition will make your thought a belief, which will shape a character, and it’s the character that builds your life. Try it!

In a nutshell, whenever you focus on something in the past, present and future, you are already in the process of creation. I can hardly wait to meet her again, to see if she has tried.