How to Get in Tune with Your Wish

“Everything has gone to hell! We live in a corrupt world, and people are in denial. I can’t adjust to this corrupt world, always expecting something from me, and punishing me if I don’t get into step with it. How can I be positive and in a good mood when everything looks dark around me?” a man told me at one of my lectures.

“You are not here to fix the ‘corrupt’ world. In fact, it’s not corrupt at all. You are not here to shatter other people’s illusions and shift their focus either, unless you’ve been called to do so. You are here to mind your own business and learn your lessons! You are not here to get in tune with others, but only with yourself.

You’ve come to this magnificent opposite of life for the thrill of making your own wishes happen. You are here to rejoice at the birth of a new wish, and the excitement of energy balancing.”

Today, wherever we might be headed, whatever we might be doing and whoever we might be doing it with, there’s nothing more important than you feeling good.

Today, a search for what we want to see makes us the creators of our own life.

“I always have a wish list ready, but not a single wish has come true,” he said.

“To begin with, you should connect with the most pleasant thought crossing your mind. A thought after thought, a feeling after feeling, focus and harmonise the energy of your mind. Try to feel the genuine energy essence of your being, and bring your thoughts into vibrational accord, because that’s the true meaning of energy balancing.”

In order to make any wish happen, or for anything to manifest itself in your life, there has to be energy compatibility between your wishes and your beliefs.

Some of your beliefs are beneficial to you, but some aren’t. The awareness of the energy link between a wish and a belief will help you understand them. You’ll find out that it’s not difficult to identify and activate the beliefs that coincide with your wishes, and when you do find them, your wishes will spontaneously manifest into your reality.

“Easier said than done. Here, I’m making a wish right now, but nothing is happening,” the man snapped back into a defense mode.

“If it had ever worked the way you obviously think it does, the world as we know it would have been obliterated a long time ago, because what a playing child is able to wish for would have destroyed the reality.”

When you wish for something, your internal energy system connects with the Source. The frequency of your wish shapes your internal energy being, but a perfect energy overlap with the new wish is not quite there yet. The wish doesn’t have clear boundaries, it’s wrapped in the opposites, not because of the wish per se, but because you still carry that mixed energy within. The energy frequency of the idea of the wish is there, but tarnished by different illusions from your perspective, the needs of your inner being, your proclivities and anything that might have to do with previous experiences. The connection between the inner being and the Source is also there, but there is also a rift between your energy frequency and that of the Source on the one hand, and your personal perspective on the other.

Having said that, your first task is to activate only those aspects that coincide with the wish. That’s where your emotional system jumps in to navigate, because emotions are the litmus paper of energy balance or imbalance. When you focus on the object of your desire, you can feel harmony or disharmony. The more pleasant it feels, the more in accord with the Source your wish is, and vice versa.

What you feel about a wish shows if energy balance exists between your beliefs and your wish.

Accordingly, your emotions release information based on two important factors.

On the one hand, there are variables working IN FAVOUR of the materialisation of your wish – strong positive emotions creating a strong bond between you and your wish, arming you with persistence until it comes true.

On the other hand, there are weaknesses, alternative endings, fears and volatility of your wish.

To put it another way, your emotions are between where you are right now and where you want to be.

If your life experience has brought you to the point at which you want something with all your heart, but at any given time you are concentrated on something completely opposite, you will feel a strong, negative emotion. You want a better job, but you complain incessantly about the job you have. You’ve basically wrapped the picture of your wish in the picture of exactly opposite nature, nipping it in the bud.

If yours is a strong wish, and your thoughts are in energetic harmony with the wish, you will feel a strong positive emotion. Your emotions are very accurate indicators of the state of energy between the place you are right now, and the place you want to be.

Don’t throw yourself into the claws of an unpleasant reality. You’ve built one already on your weaknesses, but you can also create a better reality you deserve.

You can’t continue to emit the same energy frequency that has brought you right where you are, expecting to arrive somewhere else.

In the process of making a wish come true, new experiences will emerge, together with temptations to respond to them. When that happens, your feelings will spontaneously follow a pattern of what you see, and react to the circumstances. In that case, you don’t have conscious control over your life experience. This is routine creation.

Remember, if the life you live possesses enough potential to produce a specific wish within, then there’s also enough capability of making it happen.

Concentrate on your wish! Remove from your energy system all the energy clashing with the wish! If you want a better job, don’t soak your wish in fears.

The law of attraction is so powerful that if you manage to stay focused on a thought for no more than 15 seconds, a similar thought will spontaneously tie on. Once they bond together, they grow stronger, and the process continues. You probably know that you can break one stick easily, two will be more difficult to break, three even harder, and in a bundle – they can’t be broken at all. Again, if you add rotten sticks to the faggot, the structure gets weaker, and everything is in vain.

“Where do I start? How can I define a wish?”

“Try to imagine how you would feel if you lived a life you wanted. In this way, you can’t feel the absence of your wish. Even though your wish hasn’t manifested itself in reality as yet, after some practice you’ll be emitting the vibrations of a wish that has, and under the law of attraction, yours will have to come true as well.”

Your brain doesn’t make a big difference between something you dream about and something you remember. In either case, the object of your attention doesn’t lie in actual reality. When you focus positively, disregarding what’s going on right now, you can activate the energy that will attract something similar to what you are focused on. If you insist on focusing your attention on the reality that exists, you can’t change anything. Your goal in the process is to invoke the pictures with the energy frequency that will attract more of that energy. That energy will make your wish happen! Your goal is to create the pictures that make you feel good, to identify the feeling of what it would be like if your wish has come true already.

When you realise that you are in the process of creating your own life, you can deliberately channel the thoughts that make you feel better. Your future is safe, and it consists of the things that make you happy.

Remember, one third of every creation is completed before you can see evidence that it is!