The Pros and Cons of Reincarnation

You must have noticed that arguments with the people coming to my office are a regular thing. The themes vary widely though. Having read my articles, a man has decided to spark a debate on reincarnation.

“God is not so poor as to have to send one soul back to thousands of lives,” the man was making his point.

“God loves those whom he created in his own image, and he doesn’t use them as pawns, sending them to earth to play chess in different situations. He raises us, wants us to grow and get closer to Him. We can’t learn everything in a single lifetime, and He sends us back until we learn all the lessons and qualify to be in His company.“

“Someone has told me that the modern man has accepted the theory of reincarnation out of sheer laziness,“ my debate partner was offering another argument.

“In my opinion, whoever told you that had missed the purpose and meaning of what he was talking about. When they hear a foreign word or an unknown term, people tend to judge even before they research into it. That’s what they may be doing out of insecurity and sheer laziness, but to accept the theory of reincarnation for the same reasons? I don’t think so. It’s all about personal engagement, good deeds, clear conscience….”

I don’t know everything about reincarnation, and I don’t think anyone does. I’m also rather indifferent as to its dogmatic and religious aspects. Reincarnation interests me insofar as it helps me understand everyone’s purpose and life path.

People who don’t believe in anything, or, rather, people who disbelieve everything, usually have intolerant religious mentality, and are hostile to everything outside their own religion. Troubled by their beliefs, they haven’t found inner peace they are talking about. To find peace, things are pursued to the final conclusion, and gauged against their true value and genuine place.

Each soul is created to grow and prove that it’s able to be much like its source. This has to be a pure, honest journey. No one has a manual for the journey, which is why there are no shortcuts, no cheat sheets, no preferential treatments.

Attending Sunday Mass regularly will not please God if you go back home and beat your wife, cheat on your husband, lie to a friend or steal at work. What certainly will is to have a clear conscience and common sense in everything you think and do, every time you breathe in and out. If you are also a responsible person, knowing that this life is not a nigh out at a casino, but rather a tiny tile in the mosaic of our creation, you’ll certainly try even harder, and get better.

“To believe in reincarnation is only to justify reluctance to come to grips with life, preferring to make no effort in this one. The logic behind it is if you fail at something in this life, there’s always a chance in the next,” the man insisted.

I think exactly the opposite is true! Justice is slow but attainable. The Serbs believe that if you do something bad, it doesn’t necessarily gets back at you, but your children or someone else down the hereditary line will pay for it. Do you really think that Adolf Hitler’s soul could have been created for no reason, that it could have done everything it did and just disappeared easily from this world? The key is right there! It’s precisely because this is not the only life that everything bad will be surely punished, and everything good rewarded, as without justice there would be no God.

I’ve met many patients suffering from serious diseases, who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Yet in their biofield I could see that the reason was in a past life, and it was something bad they did there and then. I don’t expect them to believe me, but when I start healing the past-life cause, the disease they’ve been suffering from in this life disappears.

Everything we do bears fruit. A good turn deserves another, and vice versa, either now or in the next life. This is a burdensome warning never to do a bad thing. You reap what you saw, remember that!

If this life was only so short and reduced to just a flare, everything would have been different, and meaningless.

“This life is just a testing ground where I brace for death, and that’s it,” the man said.

“But why?”

“I don’t know.”

“If our only purpose were to be born, eat and reproduce, we would have been like animals. Consciousness is given to us, because our essence is more complex, and we are given so much more. First there was a stone, then came plants, animals and human beings to create the world as we know it. Every form of life is more complicated than the previous one, allowing for consciousness to grow, and paving the way to a more dense and complex energy frequency. As consciousness grows, mankind grows, too, and that’s proof. We are not born to go for a quick ride and die. That’s hardly a reason to be born. We are not anyone’s toys, or merely dropped into an experimental aquarium, but have entered a testing ground where we can learn and grow, make progress or lag behind, depending on our own engagement. As we grow through our lives, we contribute to the growth of the consciousness and progress of mankind.

If things were indeed so superficial and easy, everything would have been different. Instead, the essence lies way deeper, as it always does.”

“Sacrifice is the only path towards God,” the suspicious man tried one last time.

“If you truly believe in God, you know that He doesn’t punish, but just loves. We punish ourselves, drifting away from Him!”

“You’ve been trying to expose the essence of God, but that’s a secret not to be unveiled. You’d better go to church and pray to God to forgive you for all that nonsense of yours,” my answers have clearly upset the man.

“Whoever seeks God through anyone else but himself will never reach Him. Whoever hides a secret stays hidden from it, and whoever unveils it is defeated. A prayer is unnecessary when someone communicates with God directly, because they have knowledge. A prayer can help everyone still striving for direct communication with God. Even for them the prayer is not irreplaceable. There are better and easier ways to reach God. I, for one, go straight though my heart!”