What Is The Cause Of Big Tragedies?

Having said in one of my texts that everything in our life we experienced was a lesson, I got a very shocking message as a comment on it. A woman asked me: is it possible that the universe has taken her husband and close people away for her lesson?

Do you really think that this is O.K? Should I be happy and grateful? For what?! I was happy and rather satisfied. Now there is nothing more for me. Do you think that the Universe gave me “what I needed”? And even if it is the case, have they all gone for good in order to get my life lesson? I do not like my present and I am happy only when I return to the past, and I no longer see the future, nor am I interested in anything (except when it comes to my children) because I have to let the children go when they grow. That`s the moment I will stay completely alone.

If we had the memory of what our soul decided to learn in this life, learning would not make sense, nor would it be possible at all. As the proverb says: “If we knew where we would fall, we would sit.” That is the point of learning lessons: we learn new things and that is why it has to be difficult. It is something irreconcilable, but our progress is reflected in that effort we make.

The universe does not take away anything! We are a drop in this great universe and it is difficult to change it with our anger and condemnation. The works of the Lord are often incomprehensible to us, but they are always with some reason beyond the reach of our limited mind, obsessed with human limitations. Everyone has his own destiny, and if someone is meant to die young, it has nothing to do with anyone other than themselves.

It’s a better question why we’re connected with that person exactly? For our own lesson, for learning, overcoming obstacles for our own future, for our children and grandchildren. Giving up from the future and the obstacles that are awaiting us, which God has given us, as well as all happiness and every smile, we turn our backs on him and go to the abyss where we drag our children with us and all generations after them.

Should we again make the sin for which we will learn our lessons later? Since we will not remember them, will we curse our fate again, condemn God or the universe and so slowly and surely walk backwards ?! I know it’s hard, but we have no right to snatch happiness and joy from our children, but from ourselves either. Why? We have to go ahead and we have to leave those who have left in peace, because our sadness does not allow them to go where their lessons lead them.

It is not our punishment, nor great injustice, nor should we be angry with God. Wewould need more than one text to understand or explain human life. The person who reads all my texts will understand only a small fraction of it.

The mistake is that we often see life as the only chance to realize our fantasies, not believing that there is anything before and after it. Then it is very difficult to find something that can comfort, because it turns out that life itself denies us, and this world is not a polygon for learning lessons, overcoming the temptation, egoism, selfishness, stiffness, arrogance, not paradise.

If you do not like your present, you surrender, and this is not zero – it is the choice of suffering!

We perceive our lives as a building where we have embroiled our work and dedication, desires, plans, feelings and dreams. It resembles our life philosophy, attitudes and our attitude to the world itself.

Our current life is not a moment of silence without anything before and after it, in which case life would not make sense. When a sudden change occurs in our lives, it’s as if our life tower is crashing. If a demolition happens in only one aspect of life, such as the demolition of a love affair or a business project, this indicates that our tower has fallen because it was not built according to the standards of heaven and earth, according to the rules of the universe and life. If the change is difficult, when it comes to some sort of tragedy or tends to fracture in some aspect of life, then it is part of what God wants us to learn as a lesson in this life through experience.

To repeat it: other people do not die because of our lessons, we just met at the same time to share one lesson. It’s hard to understand it at the moment of loss and pain, but thinking this way is proof of spiritual maturity and the acceptance of our own lessons. At such moment, a person does not see their future because all protection has fallen, the mechanisms are broken and the person is left naked, completely stripped in front of the face of rust. It takes a bit of time and real perspective to see deeper meaning in this chaos.

There are two ways on our dream crashes. The first way is Tanatos: the desire to die. A person can surrender and decide to die together with their dreams about life. By choosing to live on a dash of the collapsed world, the person is actually dead and has no future. The lesson will have to wait for the next opportunity!

The second way is marked through the principle of Eros: it is a symbol of life renewal. A person who accepts this principle will leave the ruins behind themselves and will go towards the future free from the fetters of the previous ruined life. This is a true heroism and proof of the lesson learned!