Why Aren’t There Any Shortcuts in Life?

“I started to follow your concept last week, living by the rules of the universe you’ve been advocating in your lectures, and on your blog. Unfortunately, my life hasn’t changed, and everything remained more or less the same. I just felt I should share this with you,” a young man said at one of my lectures.

You are thirsty, and you come across a crystal-clear mountain spring, but barely dripping. Do you think you can quench your thirst immediately? Can you fill the glass at the speed of your wish?

You keep forgetting that time is key to growth, development, healing and the fulfilment of wishes and goals. Think, how many times have you given up your idea, wish or a goal only because they didn’t materialise as quickly as you wished?

If you plant an apple tree today, would you expect to pick an apple tomorrow? Would you go and cry by the tree the next day? Would you be so crazy as to cut it down, angry because it hadn’t given fruit yet?

Why would a wish grow differently, preferably as soon as possible?

Impatience is the ego’s ultimate weapon, and the greatest enemy of success.

Any beginning in your life, either in your thoughts or an actual beginning, has to be treated as a seed you’ve planted in fertile soil. It’s nourishing that matters, not the sowing, and it always takes time!

Our mind, just like a fertile patch of land, doesn’t really care what we’ll sow, but it will invariably give us back exactly what we have sown. We can choose between creative ideas and fears, but we’ll always reap what we’ve sown, multiplied though.

It’s not enough to plant a seed, and then just sit and wait.

We need to nourish our seeds, think about them, work hard to help them sprout, take a good care of them – that’s what they need to grow. We also have to keep weeds away, remove every single negative thought. Most importantly, we have to wait patiently!

“If our ideas, wishes and goals haven’t materialised yet, that doesn’t mean they won’t! Don’t doubt the ultimate result of your work. Every effort in the universe has a result! Nourish your goals and ideas. Water them and keep the weeds away. Be sure that they will materialise, manifest themselves in a physical reality, and give you good fruit, but only then when it’s best for you,” I said to the young man at the end of the lecture.

Spiritual growth doesn’t always give me what I want, but it always gives me what I truly need.