Are We Trapped In Our Own Club?

I want to be successful– said a lawyer who came to me.

What does it mean for you to be successful?

Well, that I have a reputation and that people respect me in society.

How has this been measured from ancient times to this day? – I kept asking questions.

Well, to be financially stable.

The man is always directed towards attaining, not only material, but also spiritual highlights through the persistent and dedicated effort. Unfortunately, it has always been half: it is merely a symbol of masculinity and a material part of success. Then it is a time and a mistake to replace the thesis, identified with the male aspect of fertility, hunger, ambition, and cunning lucidity. In the whole story, only the horns are needed, so that the symbol of the supernatural power and the divine “man in position” is complete. You guess, I’m referring to the biblical representation of the devil, which is also not unknown in the world of success. So the image of a successful man of today looks like this: a person who is hedged by a hedonistic attitude towards life and their success. Almost pathological love for such a distorted image of success . Otherwise, the only kind of love that does not lead to balance, peace and joyful tranquility is love for power. It is infinite and usually turns into a pathological need only for more power, without the real need that justifies it.

But you haven`t understood me. I want to make progress, to be a better lawyer– the man defended himself.

In each and every human being there is potential for expansion in every sense. Do not forget that the devil is on your way! Some stories say that this former, most angry among angels, continues to serve God on the Earth by tempting people. He does not allow those who are not with pure hearts and impeccable aspirations to continue advancing to the spiritual worlds. Therefore, he will stop, deceive or repel all those beings whose consciousness is still poisoned by lower, animal aspirations or unbalanced spiritual components, or whose will is not sufficiently strong to resist and overcome all temptations on the spiritual path.

You obviously do not understand me. Why do you put religion in this conversation?

This is not religion. The interpretation I offered to you should serve to understand the difficulties you face in order to win the negative, but unconscious spiritual forces that prevent you from developing and becoming a complete person.

How does this devil tempt me?

He is not a mystical being – he represents your unhindered will and aspiration to freedom from karmic conditioning. In that sense, the choice of the Way is very important. We can refuse to accept the fate that our spirit chose for us at birth. To run out of unpleasant, new and difficult situations, while pursuing security and satisfaction? In this way we will just stop learning and growing. On the other hand, if we accept the experiences that karma puts on the Road, however repulsive, terrible and incomprehensible it was, and if we try to constructively resolve and understand them, our soul will grow through knowledge and wisdom.

Since the devil is great and good in his work, it means that we will go into his trap if we allow our representative to be ruled by us. We call this representative ego. It’s always because people do not usually want to fight with their most abused, hardest, bad, or painful characteristics. There are a lot of contradictions and fears all around us. And as a rule: everyone is guilty but us.

So what should be My Way then? What is right?

The true Way of all of us is to understand what our soul is telling us and what it wants, and whether we will become prisoners in the club that we have made for ourselves or will be able to get rid of it, it depends only on ourselves and on the choice I’m telling you about!