Success or Downfall? It’s Your Choice

Who am I? Where do my thoughts go? Am I really responsible for absolutely everything that happens to me?

These questions are very important to all of us, but what matters to me is for you to take them seriously and answer properly.

We may be more than our thoughts, but our thoughts are what everything else in our world is made of. Every thought sparks a specific energy vibration. The mind registers our thoughts, filing them away across the biofield. Some are just ephemeral, easy to erase, easy to forget; some emerge under stress or strong impressions, leaving a deeper trace behind. They are so strong that they can produce a small, individual field inside our own, activated automatically by a similar thought, however small.

Every thought can come to life, it can materialize. How does that happen? There is an inherent potency in every though, and there’s a level to go over. Weaker thoughts have to be stimulated by the power of emotions, or repeated often enough to gain momentum by frequency. Each and every thought, even the tiniest, can be activated. The question is how to turn them off. What we need to do is to switch to another thought.

Whatever sparks negative emotions should be eliminated.

An affirmative mode is required. For instance, if your thought is, “What if I get fired tomorrow?” you should work to transform it gradually into, “I am calm at work, and the job is perfect for me.” You always need a perfective verb, with as much room as possible for formulations, so that the universe can do what’s best for you. Neither is our awareness sufficient for us to know what’s best for us, nor do we have as much faith, but the universe always works to our advantage. Don’t forget that it makes no difference between “+” and “-“, but only knows the power of your thought.

The dominant thought becomes a belief. The belief is a well-rehearsed thought, a frequency practised often enough. One of the common questions is if the thought or, alternatively, the belief, is good or bad, but it doesn’t take a genius to understand that if it sparks a positive feeling within, it must be good. If the feeling is bad, something is wrong. You should listen to your inner voice. Don’t worry, it just takes some practice. Fear will not drive the negative thoughts away. You are your thoughts, and you attract what you are. This is not an artificial process, but a process of self-healing and growth. Imagine yourself walking into the exam room, wondering:

Did I study enough for the exam?

What if I come across a question I don’t know how to answer?

What if the professor is rude to me?

Thoughts will never pick up the phone and tell him you don’t know everything. It’s you, standing there, smelling of fear, and knowing, deep down, that you’ve just downloaded the “failure” software. Any hope for you?

How does this work, actually?

An emotion steps up the frequency of your thoughts, hitting the fields around you and communicating with them.

Your focus on the thought is an invitation, and your attention opens the door.

People often say (and think, and believe!): “I am not doing anything, not taking part, just watching.”

You watch, and thoughts are created. They are small, but give them time. They will reoccur and grow. You’ll start believing in the pictures you see, just give yourself enough time and pay attention. Watching the good will get us the good. Watching the bad will get us the bad. Like attracts like. The strong vibrations of a belief transform into a habit, and we all know that habits die hard. That’s how our thoughts become our life. I promise!

Is it now clear why you shouldn’t waste your attention on reality shows?

Do you understand now why you should never gossip?

Talking about others, watching others, can only bring misfortune to you. Why don’t you watch the people better than you are? Smiling faces exist, you know, just like truly happy people do. Why don’t you incorporate them into your personal reality show? You, too, will feel better.