How Much Do You Really Want To Feel Good?

Sometimes people come for help or learning, and then I experience a money negotiation, and everything gets quite tense. They ask for discounts, free treatments, they start calculating… To clarify things from the very beginning, where real help is needed, there is no talk of money. Help is in the first place!

Why do you charge your services? – a woman asked me once.

Where do you work? – I asked her.

For electric utility company.

Do you receive a salary?

I do.

Why? And is it possible to ask for me in your company not to pay for electricity this month?

Well, that is not possible.

I know! My decision is not to sit with the candle light in my house, so I pay for electricity and I respect the one who gives it to me.

Everything in this world exists thanks to the exchange of energy. The more you invest, the higher value you get. No initiation or treatment is charged in order to earn something, but to understand that for everything you want, you have to invest something. How else would you understand the value of what you get? There is a special thing about learning, which people sometimes take for granted. It’s not just about my experience. It is about the experience of the greatest Reiki teachers in the world as well.

The Great Reiki teacher, Mikao Usui, said: “Never teach Reiki free, so Reiki’s rewards for these people are of no value!” My practice proved it.

Reiki Grand Master Havai Takata once initiated his neighbor free of charge.. Shortly afterwards, the neighbor came back to her and asked her to help his daughter who complained about severe abdominal pain. He says, “You should treat her. I taught you how Reiki treatments are done.” And the neighbors answered: “Well, it is much easier when you do it.” Few days later, another neighbor came to her: “My daughter lies at home with a temperature. Please come and give her a Reiki treatment”. Takata asked her:” Haven`t I taught you how to do it? Treat her yourself”. The neighbour replied:” But I have never tried it before. You will know better. ”

Takata understood. These people did not understand Reiki’s value because they got it for free. After that, she charged even her sisters. After rescuing her own child by Reiki treatment, her sister stated: “It was the cheapest investment in my life.”

If you want something cheap, how can you expect something worthwhile in return? Make your thoughts, works and energy by creating something you will give, invest and you will get a lot more in return. The rule of causes and consequences has been known for ages: in order to get something, you have to give something reverse. The circle must be closed. Do not take for granted the things that lead you to healing!

Oh, no, why Reiki initiation now, I have scheduled shopping with my friends! – a woman told me after I had sent her the date of initiation

You have health issues, you are dissatisfied with the job, you do not have money, you are alone? Looking for help? You found Reikey and hope for a better future at the same time? You asked for help, you got it. You want to continue, to learn more and then you opt for calculating?!

Initiation is a sacred moment! How can you put it in the same order with banal things? Then you’re really not ready for it!

The beginning of Reikey’s practice is the journey to a different way of life: breathing with full lungs, getting rid of worries and problems, healing. The life of Reikey surely leads to peace, tranquility and every joy. Think better, would you like to be ready for this?

On top of all this, you ask me if you can come for the initiation the other time because that one day coincides with going with friends in shopping, a course of photography or going to someone’s birthday or a trip! Then you really have not experienced some serious struggles. Of course it can be some another time, and maybe never because there are just few of picked ones who deserve it! You are the one who puts yourself on the place you deserve.

How to prepare for Reiki initiation? – people often ask.

The amount of energy you give equals what you get from it. What you get depends on the way how you prepare for it. Reiki initiation is not simple going for lunch, nor going shopping. Initiation is the moment in which we are in contact with thousands of years of skill and with the countless souls of teachers who are above us! The initiation is not done by accident or simply because it is on your way between times for coffee with friends or at speed, before any other obligation. Do not do this so as to brag and thus provide a better place in society because you are “of a special kind.” At Reiki initiation, you go solemnly, in peace and with respect, in the silence of your mind. You go for your own sake, not for others.

How to prepare? As for every special and spiritual moment in your life:

  • Do not eat meat at least 24 hours before initiation because the meat has a heavy energy that pulls down connecting you to lower aspects of the earthly material level
  • Do not take alcohol or drugs because they destroy energy
  • Do not practice sex, because even this act takes your energy away no matter the way you do it
  • Get rid of bad thoughts, especially anger, hatred, envy and bad traits
  • Meditate on higher goals, contemplate on your aspiration to higher spiritual levels

Before the Day of Initiation, spend the day in peace, away from crowds, the Internet, bad news, bad thoughts and negative emotions. Take a bath, put on yourself something clean and white, and join me this way to peace, rest, joy so as to teach your soul and experience everything that has been given to it on this journey, and so deserve all the prosperity that is devoted to it from the Source.