Flexibility – Opportunity for Positive Change

Remember the woman with an odd bun on the top of her head from the last post? Well, she’s back.

“I’ve been thinking about everything you told me, but is it really true? I’m intrigued,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter so much if it’s true or not. What matters more is if you want that truth in your experience or not. Even if it’s not true right now, it will be – if you concentrate on it long and strong enough! For the record, this is not my opinion, this is the law of the universe!”

“Whenever I was able to imagine myself surrounded with good things, even though they were anything but in reality, I felt really good. Is that normal? Am I insane?”

“A pleasant emotion indicates energetic harmony with your soul. On the other hand, an unpleasant emotion unveils a lack of energetic harmony between your inner being and you.”

Not a single wish, whatever it may be, will ever manifest itself in your experience as long as there’s a discord in the frequency of your wish and the existing energy vibration. You need to bring yourself into energetic harmony, if you want your wishes to come true. This is a reason why we describe emotions as a navigation system. They can help you detect the relationship between the energy frequency of a wish and the frequency you’ve been emitting. In order to make a wish come true, there’s nothing else to factor in:

  • It doesn’t matter what other people think;
  • It doesn’t matter what they have been through;
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of experience you might have had in the past;
  • It doesn’t even matter what you are going through right now.

None of the above will have any impact whatsoever on your ability to materialise your wishes. It’s only about you and your wish and the relationship between you two.

“All right. Can we go back to my problem, please? A superficial husband against my personal discipline, remember? He’s a take-it-easy type, and I’m very thorough in everything I do. I’m helpless, even though I know there’s a lot going for me,” she confided in me.

“You are a person of extremes. You are a gorgeous pot, made of high-quality materials, crafted perfectly, but your virtues may come out as faults, hurting the one you share them with. And it’s all because of your cruelty.

You expect the others to be like you, and that’s not possible. You have a wonderful soul, but you can’t understand that not everyone’s soul is wonderful. Our journeys have been quite different – you know that, do you? You use the rules to hide the beauty of your soul, making you even less flexible, and hurting others. You are not a bad person, just a little rigid, but you put a serious strain on yourself, and it’s difficult not to crack under pressure. At best you are uncomfortable.

Your husband is a pot carved as he went along his life’s path – its structure may not be perfect, but that’s why it’s more flexible. There’s room for him to grow and change, he’s a good driving force and an even better doer.

The point is that there’s a reason why the universe brought you together! Your powerful structure provides for a base, he adds resilience. I have never met him, so I can’t tell him what he should learn from you, but what he can teach you is to bestir yourself and be more flexible.

I can feel his energy intuitively, based on your reaction, and it is powerful, piercing, with a strong executive quality if channeled properly. His pliability may turn pathogenic if curbed by restrictions and strict rules, fierce rigidity and autarchic rules. His best qualities can manifest themselves if he’s given a controlled freedom, allowed into an exchange of information and surrounded with wise flexibility. He can be useless, but also a powerful partner if he can act properly. He’s like fire, a good servant, but a bad master. Your base is wise, and he doesn’t possess the wisdom. With your principles placed above him, he can be a life partner performing perfectly.

Try it. Don’t be angry with him. It’s like being angry at a flat-screen TV because the instruction manual is way too complicated for you to find the channel you want to watch.”

Nothing can deepen the feeling of helplessness more profoundly than when someone constantly and openly encourages what you believe is bad in your life. Nothing can drain energy more strongly than attachment to the things happening to you, which you have nothing to do with, and will never be able to change anything about. They are not what you should be dealing with. Your task is to take care of your own energy balance.

Accept yourself, and your karma, love yourself, be flexible and ready to change when it’s needed. When you do it, your world will be in perfect harmony, and you’ll find peace, love and joy.