Do You Know What The Law Of Permission Is?

We are witnessing the constant human desire for happiness, health, material well-being. We all want something, we suffer because we do not have anything, constantly trying to achieve our desires. Looking at social networks, we can conclude that we all live some kind of dream-smiling surrounded by beautiful ambiences, imagined in exotic destinations, relaxed and surrounded by things of prestige. All happy people, we are all the main actors of expensive soap operas, and when you meet some of those people and when you open the soul, you see a black and white film without tone. Everybody wants to, but they can not!

On this path to happiness, we are offered numerous learning, techniques or already some ways to achieve the desired one. Instant methods: think positively and you will win lottery. As if we were all brainwashed, and we could not find it ourselves, to do it at all.

We are all chasing on our bicycle somewhere and I do not think we have seen it on that road or we simply skipped, in a hurry, the first and the most important step – permission!

I understand everything, I read a lot of books, I decided and started intensely to do everything that was written to be done in order to achieve my goal, but I am not moving from the dead point. Why? – it was a question of a young, beautiful, successful, dynamic woman who came to me on recommendation.

Well, did you first think about whether you are ready to accept a new or at least a different person when you reach the end of the road on which you are ?!

What do you mean?! – the woman looked at me with a surprise.

Is your work accomplished, do you see some progress?


One of the first reasons is why something is not going to work for you, and something that you “strongly want” is precisely because you do not let it.

We all often want something different, something new, but because of the lack of courage, essential understanding, previous bad experiences, we firmly stick to our old habits and routines in which we seek the alibi for their bad state.

So what am I supposed to do now? – she asked quite confused.

The first thing you need to do is to accept yourself as you are, so that you are really ready to become different and then just go on the path of your change.


In regard to the woman, while she watched me silently, I saw the ambiguity and the silent sentence: I do not have to change anything to be better, maybe I can also just…

There is not a lot of philosophy, or you are ready to change and then you will be better, or accept yourself as you are, but then there is no despair, there is no third solution. If you want something in your hand, you must open it beforehand and be in peace with it. It’s permission!