How to Handle My Own Life?

One of the most frequently asked questions in my practice is: How can I find myself in my own life?

We live in two worlds, good and bad. Once we admit and to the other whom we renounce. We have adopted models of what is good and what is bad, and this is usually far from personal experience and understanding. Unfortunately, most of them are aware only of one, usually of the other, and are able to conclude only partially because the worlds are not connected to them.

We may not like something or we do not understand, but what we need to know is how to deal with it. It is not good to be alone in one or only in the other world. The path for the development of every human being is the creation of a third world. Through this third world, we can reach all that we are looking for, which is individuality, consciousness and will as the basis of realized life. This world is created by self-observation, ie by merging the first and the second world and creating the integrity of all our parts.

In order for us to achieve this, we must understand that a man consists of several components: the intellectual center, the emotional center and the institutional center.

Between these centers of man, in today’s world, there is no cooperation. These centers steal one another’s work and energy, and thus distort the fund and make it difficult to self-reassure. This is due to education, education, social circumstances that we have adopted and so on, which is at the expense of the essence.

It manifests itself in a way that every person thinks very shallow and unconnected: I can count on it and that, I can do it and that, if I invest it I will get it.

Throughout this process, we must not forget the fact that our personality is that of a dictator.

In everyday situations, an awakened person never knows which center, of these three, will be activated in a particular situation. In today’s everyday consciousness, man’s consciousness is concealed and he does not see the essence and the truth.

In order to know ourselves, we must take away a veil of imposed “truths” because until we do it, we do not rule ourselves and we cannot master our centers. All centers must be coordinated and operated simultaneously at the same time. This makes our indifference more difficult, that we cannot be independent of who is across us, where we are, what happened to us, etc. The awakening begins by observing oneself.

The first step in the self-observation process is not to get away from the fact that you are always right!

The second step is real self-observation.

Use an imaginary mirror because you do not see anything else for yourself and for yourself. This is done in the following way:

Take any situation that has caused you anxiety.

See what actually happened.

What is what is troubling you in that situation. What you cannot regain, you define. Observe and examine.

Define what happens to your ego while doing it. What feelings are following this test process, what are they causing in you, where you have a problem with that. Observe what is being rejected by you.

For example, how a person or event you are questioning is challenged.

When you examine all of this, try to act according to the further process as for dancing. A dance that is the state when you are on both feet on earth, as never before. We can always hide in life, but we cannot escape from this dance. We can only see where exactly we need to make an effort so that we can repair a part of ourselves who is hiding, whom we are ashamed of and with whom we have a problem.

Do not hide, life is too short to turn your head away from what is your essence and what you are ashamed of or do not acknowledge. Denial is not a solution! Have the courage to live because there will be no time for remorse.

This process serves to discover where the blockades are, through which we cannot pass, what cannot be detected in ourselves, which part of us is hiding because we are ashamed of it. Where our ego makes us obstacles -we cannot take it, we can only master it and put ourselves in service of its self-realization and positive progression.

The body has its own habits, all the centers are in it. Whole this process will help you to make them aware and connect them to one another.

The fund in itself makes a harmony outside of us, and creates a proper interaction between these two funds.