Do You Really Want To Be Better?

People who come to me are mostly not late. Sometimes it is from a real desire to find help, and sometimes just out of respect for me. However, there are exceptions to this rule. There was one lady who could never remember when we agreed to see each other, so I would write it down for her, although she often lost her reminder. Sometimes she would forget to come, sometimes she would be late. However, we did not manage to see very often.

I have a dizziness. I had severe pains. The taxi driver did not show up … – there were countless excuses for just one thought of her ego: “I will not change!”

I thought intensely about it and realized that she came to me due to her persuasive cousin. The first minus. No one should persuade you for help until you decide for yourself! The cousin deprived her of any material responsibility for coming to the treatments, paying for her. Second Minus. Invest in energy in order to get something in return, in this case health improvement!

Then I insisted to help her additionally, without any compensation, because she was not in good financial situation that she often spoke about. The third minus is mine. Everyone has their own karma and we must not interfere!

Everything that is obtained for free is easily understood and denies the value of it!

What actually happened to her? She had severe headaches, dizziness and similar problems to these. Detailed checks by various doctors did not show any problems. The latest scan did not reveal a problem that could cause such pain, and at that time, the woman really suffered from it.

Focusing on the consequence, that is, the pain, and we were further from the cause. Pain uses the ego as an alibi to escape the change!

For every effort, for every energy work, she responded with an ever-increasing reaction to pain. On every approach she got unconsciousness. She said she did not feel absolutely anything, no matter what I did. I have long since stopped focusing on the challenges of my ego so that I was not hurt by her disdain, I just wondered how to help her. Generally, I have a high tolerance threshold.

She had a clean soul, she was a good person, and all this additionally disguised the cause of her problem. I realized that what I was doing to me, probably worked for everyone else, so I went for that trail.

I looked deeper into her biofield, through the veils of the powerful illusions she created and saw the following: in the secondary families, she and her husband had a lot of problematic situations, traumatic events and all those moments which required a lot of engagement, understanding of situations, lesson learning, and confrontation with life challenges.

Her mind actually did the following: it came up with an alibi in order to distance itself from everything that made her life, and she got the maximum attention and care of her husband. Her mind was actually about to deal with the problem screaming: Do not touch me and burden me, I’m sick, I have a headache, I do not see it, I can not deal with it. Also, that same mind whispered: I need the attention of the closest people and I can not share it with their problems, because I am sick and I need attention.

It’s stronger than me, I’m powerless because I’m overwhelmed by the terrible pain – she repeated constantly while her ego selfishly thoughts of itself!

Under the mask of a woman with a big problem, the great ego was hiding. She could not do many things because of this problem. But, on the other hand, her ego did not even want to do that. Her soul was deceived and succumbed to her own scam.

I have said many times: our body is a polygon in which our mind carries out its projects. If we allow it, the price is clear: suffering!

It was on her whether she wanted it or not, to decide whether she was paying more for the wrapping paper but the present itself. Ego always goes to our detriment, and it is up to us that we do not let it!